Monday, 16 July 2012

Ulduar 25!

Ulduar 25 for non Meta Achievements. Non-Meta? That is achievements that do not help get Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player). There were guildies there: Navimie, Azadelta, Biship, Faithless, Jinjersnaps, Lushnek (HK), Poldra, Sevros, Roshii and Souglyy (Baha).

Guest Starting: dragonray & Lominari (on newly Horde Toons) with & Koliar from their Guild, The Dark Within. Also Arvash and Saintvache (JD).

Navi and I on heals with Arv tanking.

Sorry if I missed someone. There was a lot of people.

First up Dwarfageddon. Aza did his little circles around on the bike to gather up all the Dwarfs. A couple were killed early but we waiting for the timer to reset before we charged in!

Flame Leviathan time! I was thrown on the top and I took out the Turret for Take Out Those Turrets. I was put in a spot where I had to range attack it as Holy. But that is what Exorcism is for! No one repaired for Flame Leviathan, so we got Unbroken (but my screen shot for it sucks).

The With Open Arms. It was harder than we thought. He ended up crushing everyone in the raid except Arv. On the second attempt all cooldowns and everything was used when attacking his body. Kologarn fell dead. No luck with If Looks Could Kill.

During the Auriaya fight, there was some suggestive imagery on the floor created by the Shadow Voids during the wait to kill the Feral Defender. Eventually we got Nine Lives!

There was a little problem with the Thorim achievement Cheese the Freeze. People not getting on the centre of the mound. We had to wipe each time. Navi denied being famous causing JD to speak up on vent pointing out that Navi was actually famous.

Then I had to get a screen shot with Navi! Don't worry, I asked first!

After several attempts with a few people just remaining dead to avoid being frozen, we achieved both Cheese the Freeze and Getting Cold in Here!

We had three attempts on Hodir to get  Don't Stand in the Lightning. The Dotty Things were back with a vengeance.

The 'dotty things', electric spheres that go to Hodir every 15 seconds to warn that a Lightning Charge is coming. We almost had it the third time, but it was not to be as the last Lightning Charge hit a player.

Then we went onwards for Freya.

Firstly with Lumberjacked we had to wipe because we accidentally pulled the boss while clearing trash. When we came back, Lumberjacked was downed with ease. Deforestation was simple enough. Waited for Freya to summon the mobs we needed to kill then AoEed like madmen (madpeople doesn't sound as cool, sorry).

It was then 11pm and the raid ended and I got some sleep. That is why this post is so late, sorry.


  1. That was a fun morning for me! Grats on the achievees!

  2. Man I was the f up. Oh well just try again I guess! Nice writeup tacky!

    1. You weren't the only one, Navi, I'm pretty sure some of those wipes were because I couldn't keep Thorim in the middle =P