Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Obsidian Nightwing!

After a some Recruit-a-Friend mayhem, I got [Heart of the Nightwing] in the mail and used it to learn how to transform into the flying Obsidian Nightwing! I was thrilled to be able to get this sort of mount!

Like Sandstone Drake from [Vial of the Sands], you can give a ride to another player while transformed! Totally Aces!

Then it was on to a Black Temple run with Smïles (Pahto), Exëcute, Gelina, Roshii (his alt Imwifher for one boss), and Roshii (Baha). Pugged up a warrior called Parasoul. By the end I had Ashtongue Deathsworn reputation at Exalted! I earned Sworn to the Deathsworn as a result!
Now that is all my Burning Crusade Reputations completed! 51st Exalted Faction!

In Wintergrasp I got Didn't Stand a Chance with Exëcute's help! Took a bit of time shooting people with that cannon at 85, even if they had all their armor off.

In Tol Barad I took two tanks to a tower and got myself a Tower Plower! An alliance tried to take out my tanks, but I guarded them well!

 In Strand of the Ancients, shot a lot of stuff with cannon again to get Artillery Expert.

Finally in AV. Reached 13.5k/21k Rep with Frostwolf Clan. While there I finally completed Alterac Valley All-Star.

For several days I'd gotten 3/5 of the criteria. Attack/Defend a Tower. Attack/Defend a Graveyard and kill someone on Field of Strife. Usually Field of Strife + Attack Graveyard + Attack Tower combo, but not always. The Defends were the hard two for me to pin down.

But I got a luck. The alliance had no defenders at their tower. Then I had to get a graveyard. But Alliance were turtling and the Horde weren't letting any Aliance Out! Hope was lost.

Then a rogue Capped Frostwolf Graveyard! I sprinted down and capped it! The Achievement was mine!


  1. Watch out Navi, Tacky's catching up on you! Grats on the achievees and the mount!

    1. Navi = 13375
      Tacky = 11405
      I have a long ways to go to catch up to Navi!

  2. I really want that Nighteing...but I have no friends to rectuit :( so do I really want to buy another 2 accounts so hubby and I can both have one...LOL

    o.O it is soo pretty though!

    1. I don't have Vial of the Sands, so I felt it was worth the cost to get a flying transformation on my Pally.

      I really like it.