Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Warlords of Draenor - Month 8

Level 3 Garrisons - Paladin, Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Priest, Mage, Druid, Death Knight, Alliance Warlock, Rogue

Rogue hit max level with Pet Battles just before the patch hit. Shipyards have been largely annoying, but the hotfix to add a Shipyard mission table inside the townhall at level 3 shipyards helps a little, but the system feels half-baked.

Gear & Raids:
McTacky - Item Level 694/684 (Ret/Holy)

With the patch, the Guild's Casual Raid Group is running again on Sunday Nights. We have killed the first 7 of 13 boss in Hellfire Citadel on normal difficulty. Half the fights more annoying than fun.

Tried some Ashran since the patch changes, barely made any progress with my Dwarf kills. Is much slower going.

I have collected a heap of new pets from the patch and converted them all to rare. Obtained many toys and mounts that a new from the patch. At 1100/2000 Draenor Pet battles now for pet Monument.

Fished up 60 of the new Felmouth Frenzy Lunkers (mostly at Thundertail Wallow) and was able to obtained the two pets from Pat Nagle. I plan to fish some more for more items off him. Still no archaeology this month, but plan to do it more once flying is patched in (I have the achievement that unlocks it).

For the past month I have been enjoying Patch 6.2. I am now exalted with ore of the Awakened, Saberstalkers and Vol'jin Headhunters, so I have no need to do the dailies anymore. I have unlocked everything for flying, so once it is patched in all my toons can fly in Draenor.

I have enjoyed Timeless Isle 2.0 and grouping up with guildies for objectives and rares. The Timewalking Weekends have been especially enjoyable. Felt no compulsion to even try ti Arena Skirmish weekend event.

The problem now is that I have completed all the objectives of Tanaan, so I am back where I was before the patch. Probably giving me time to get the last mounts from Argent Tournament & continuing to level my Pets.