Monday, 16 July 2012

More PvP Achievements

During Strand of the Ancients I used enough bombs on gates to get Explosives Expert.

Then on to Isle of Conquest for Resource Glut and Four Car Garage. Got halfway into Wrecking Ball when my Siege Engine and I were killed.

On to Tol Barad with Exëcute. I earned Towers of Power by killing 3 Siege Engines. Was trying to kill more Siege Engines for Tol Barad Saboteur but the match ended while on the 5th one.

Exëcute and I then tried Wintergrasp, but we were the only ones there and somehow we were greatly outnumbered. Our tanks couldn't make it to the wall. No chance.

Just joined Navime's Rated Battleground group. Lets see how it goes...

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