Thursday, 12 July 2012

5-mans Cheeses then WG

It was in the wake of my grand fishing contest with Exëcute from my previous post. Exëcute had gone onto bed for slumber. I ventured onward with Navime, Azalpha. Lushnek (HK), and Sevros for some 5 mans for achievements. As Navime was the healer of the team, I was religated to a Deeps psotion and I again was a Retribution Paladin. In short, I wasn't any help and was being carried.

We traveled into an alternative future in End Time. The Achievement attempts did not go so well. Firstly Navi was damaged during Tyrande adds, preventing Moon Guard. Then the other because we didn't get Sylvanas for Severed Ties as the second boss.

We then made our way back in time to the Hour of Twilight! We fought though the instance to the traitor Archbishop Benedictus. Against Archbishop Benedictus I was Healing with Navi for the fight. HK, Sev and Aza demolished the Twilight Sparks with ease! We accomplished Eclipse as the Archbishop fell dead.

Again as Retribution I ventured forth. Deep into Zul'Gurub!

First up Aza pulled Tor-Tun, the giant turtle over to High Priest Venoxis. Most of the floor could not be seen. Forunently HK skinned Tor-Tun so we could see the Green Stuff for It's Not Easy Being Green which we completed. Everyone, even Navi, went DPS against Bloodlord Mandokir so we got Ohganot So Fast!  We then went on to kill Mortaxx for my Gurubashi Headhunter achievement.

High Priestess Kilnara was our next target! We all looted Rats and threw them at Kilnara's cats then murdered them to achieve Here, Kitty Kitty...

Aza then ran ahead without getting healed from the High Priestess Kilnara and ran into a pack of snakes and died horribly.

Aza was then Avenged! Or Resurrected. One of those two. We pressed on and attacked Zanzil. When poison cloud hit only Az and I grabbed the Green Cauldron, the rest of the group died. I died when not getting the Ice Cauldron when the add troll came up. The second attempt far more smoother.

Then for Jin'do the Godbreaker. Only we didn't fight him that much. We fought him to Phase 2, then jumped off the Pyramid and killed lots of Twisted Spirts very fast for Spirit Twister

We didn't bother going back to kill Jin'do, as I continued my compentary to Aioros to how close my achievement points, was to his and went on to do Wintergrasp!

In Wintergrasp we were on attack, and I was back to being happy in Holy Spec. We were joined by Gutsy, Jinjersnaps, Arashikage, and Souglyy. Our premade group escorted tanks to the walls and in short time we had captured Wintergrasp for the Horde!

Then for the reason for our Wintergrasp assault. Earth, Wind & Fire (10 player). To kill Archavon, Emalon, and Koralon within Sixty Seconds. The Nine of us split into groups and pull the three boss into the centre of the instance. Archavon was assigned to HK and I. Archavon moves faster than you would expect!

Once in the centre we pulverised the three and the achievements was ours!

I never thought I would ever see Earth, Wind & Fire completed yet tonight I did. All in all a very grand day!


  1. Ohhh you weren't being carried... well maybe you were, but it's because we love your company you silly paladin! Besides, senior healer gets the dibs /grin