Saturday, 14 July 2012

50 Exalted, Giant Rat & More AV

First thing today was some more Alterac Valley for rep. Hit 10k/21k with Frostwolf Clan. Also earned Loyal Defender. Failed to get Alterac Valley All-Star again.

 Then if was off to Dalaran. Today was the Northrend Fishing Contest and I was going to summon either Poldra or Exëcute if they got the [Blacktip Shark]. Sadly neither won, but I did some fishing in the sewers. Then [Giant Sewer Rat] popped up after 82 casts! I Smell A Giant Rat

Good luck with the Strangethorn Fishing Extravaganza tomorrow Exëcute and Poldra!

I then joined a pug doing to Old Mount Hyjal Raid run by Deadugly. After a few bosses I finally finished my The Scales of the Sands reputation. And it was my 50th Exalted!

After the Raid was over I returned to Soridormi at the Caverns of Time to upgrade my [Band of Eternity] to [Band of the Eternal Restorer].

Then I went to Outland to hand in the [Time-Phased Phylactery] I just got from Old Hyjal. After some delivery quests, I joined Maiev Shadowsong and Akama in breaking into Black Temple!

At the end of the assault I was given the [Medallion of Karabor]. McTacky was now 'Attuned' to Black Temple! I have the strangest feeling that I hadn't been intended to be allowed in even though I've killed Illidan Stormrage 5 times now. That old attunement tree was crazy!