Wednesday, 25 July 2012

McTacky... Graveyard Camper!?

Joined AV for some more AV rep. I am now at 18.3k/21k. The game I joined consisted of a Pre-Made team.

After defending Captain Galvangar at Iceblood Garrison with almost the full raid we slowly moved north, destroying towers, capping Snowfall Graveyard and Stonehearth Graveyards, forcing the dead to appear up North. We then reached Stormpike Graveyard and stopped. We started to kill, kill, kill without end.

It is the first time I've graveyard camped and I'm not sure what to think of it. The players we were attacking were helpless against the Premade's onslaught.

Tol Barad All-Star: Back in Tol Barad with Exëcute. I got the last 10 kills for Tol Barad All-Star I needed while we were both defending Warden's Vigil. You need to get 10 kills at a spot without dying during the ones game. You can do this over three games (one per complete spot). Won the game a short time afterwards so that was good.

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