Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Exëcute Vs Tacky Fishing Duel!

Exëcute and I both needed the One That Didn't Get Away so the make it interesting we decided to make a race! First one to win would have the glory and other other would have to stay there fishing until they got the achievement too.

For the first night we fished for two hours no result above a [12 Pound Mud Snapper]. We called it a night a decided to pick up the race tomorrow.

On the second day we reconvened at Stonebull Lake at 3pm and the race was on in earnest! Each man seeking all the glory of catching a fish! After a gruelling Hour  and Half there was a winner. One of us had caught the [15 Pound Mud Snapper]. One of us was triumphant!

I was the one victorious!

Having won that contest I travelled to Dalaran to get my last two gold coins for There's Gold In That There Fountain. 15 minutes later I had both gold coins.

With all this insanely good luck I went straight to Outland for Mr. Pinchy's Magical Crawdad Box.

Got the Magical Crawdad pet from [Mr. Pinchy] first try!

Three for Three! Sorry Exëcute! I'm sure you'll get One That Didn't Get Away and Master Angler of Azeroth soon!