Sunday, 22 July 2012

Lazy Saturday PvP Achieves

It looks like I am running out of the very easy PvP Achievements to go after and may have to set my sights higher if I want to progress.

AV Rep is now 17000/21000. Didn't manage to win any AV games today.

I was in Eye of the Storm for Take a Chill Pill. I didn't take the killing blow, but the idea is to kill someone who is buffed with the Berserker power-up. I got it when someone else in my group killed a person with the power-up.

Isle of Conquest. Demolition Derby took me time. Not because it was hard, or I had to somehow get the killing blow. No, the problem was I just had to wait for a game where the Alliance captured the Workshop! Only then can they deploy the Demolisher and Siege Engine to destroy. I was shooting things with a turret for Mowed Down and I got the killing blow on both machines.

Mowed Down is to use a turret to destroy 100 players and 10 vehicles. You don't need killing blow on the players (thank goodness) but you do have to blow up 10 vehicles yourself. Targeting stationary catapults seemed the easiest way. Gravies were always out of range of the turret, and Demolisher and Siege Engine were rare for me to see.

100 Players just takes time. Be in a castle turret a lot and get honor kills. A little bit of a grind, especially if it your side being farmed and not the other way around

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