Monday, 15 December 2014

Warlords of Draenor - Month 1

Level 3 Garrisons - Paladin, Warrior
Level 2 Garrisons - Mage, Hunter, Priest, Druid
Level 1 Garrisons - Death Knight, Shaman, Rogue, Alliance Warlock
(Monk is still level 80 for Herald of the Titans)

At the start of the day I'd typically log on all of the characters and empty out their Garrison Cache and leave the Cache alone for the rest of the day. I use Broker Garrison to tell me when the Level 3 and Level 2 have Follower Missions ready to finish. Then I use Master Plan to finish and then assign new missions quick & efficiently.

McTacky - Item Level 632/630 (Ret/Holy) from 3 crafted items, 1 raid drop, 3 items from Garrison Missions, 1 item from Salvage Yard, 1 item from a Heroic 5-man and the helmet drop from MC event.

Proving Grounds:
Gold Damage, Silver Healing.

Only done three heroic dungeons so far. Went with Guild to Normal Highmaul and killed Kargath and Butcher. Tried a few times on Brackenspore but didn't get it down.

Did some of the bonus objectives in Ashran in the 2nd week before they changed the queue system for it. Haven't been back there since.

Maxing out Jewelcrafting and Alchemy was very easy. Blacksmithing, Enchanting, Tailoring and Engineering have been a grind and are slowly making their way to max. This week started working on inscription and very pleased with the discovery system and almost discovered all the new recipes in a day and now I am discovering the ones I hadn't researched before. Delaying starting on Leatherworking until I have some functioning barns.

I was extremely lucky to obtain Hatespark the Tiny from a fellow guildie after the first guild Molten Core run.
I also collected all the new wild pets of Draenor. Then I had my Mage craft a Elekk Plushie. After the Elekk Plushie was levelled to 25 I began and then finished An Awfully Big Adventure. The Celestial Tournament was definitely the hardest part of it. I still need to finish off Celestial Tournament a few more times for the pets and the Garrison dailies for the pets from that, otherwise I have finished off with Pet Battles for a while.

I built a Stables and did all the pet taming quests to unlock the 6 main trained mounts and the 2 mounts from the achievements (Armored Frostboar and Armored Frostwolf). Once I had all the mounts from the Stables I replaced the building with a War Mill.

I'm at 123 toys, there are plenty left to collect and camp for. Haven't actively worked on this during this month.

Maxxed Fishing, did all the fish 100 of each enormous fish achievements and recruited Nat Pagle. Haven't done any of the Nat Pagle fishing for lunkers to buy stuff yet.

Spent a little time on it and have 5 of 39 Pristine Artefacts done.

Managing my six active garrisons has been the greatest time-sink for me this expansion. But now I have Broker Garrison and Master Plan the time to do this has reduced significantly.

Frostfire Ridge is far more enjoyable now without all the bugs and I would rate it much higher than my initial impressions.

I have highly enjoyed this expansion on the whole and there is so much more of it for me to experience. 5 heroic dungeons I haven't done yet, most of the types of Garrison Invasions, a lot of Garrison Quests, and lots of reputations to grind out.  Warlords of Draenor is just beginning!