Thursday, 19 July 2012

Nine PvP Achievements!

Today I joined Jinjersnaps (and Rogue alt Chatous), Grimoire, Parmenien, Arashikage. Did heaps of PvP. Heck I'll just show the nine achievements!
Tried to get Arathi Basin Assassin as well tonight. The all four of us and Shabadu moved around AB as a kill team to help me get this. Sadly was unable to get the 5 kills needed at Farm.
Things I learnt today:
●  There are speed boots in Twin Peaks.
●  To use Hand of Freedom more to get out of snares
●  That Twin Peaks has no achievement for capping 3 flags without dying like WSG.
●  That Glaive Grave is just for HKs, not Killing Blows.
●  The crybabies who like to say stupid things like "Horde Suck" and "Our Team Sucks Except Me" actually believe that drivel.
●  You get Conquest Points from winning a random battlegrounds. I thought you only got that once a day.
●  That as a Healer I somehow had to get a Killing Blow for Twin Peaks Perfection.
●  That Jinjersnaps, Grimoire, Parmenien, Arashikage and Shabadu  are more awesome that I first thought! Thanks for the huge ammont of help today!


  1. So jealous of your We Had It All Along achievee...I despise it with a passion, lol.

    1. That was an accident. We were just up against a 10-man premade for that who evenly matched us.

  2. Grats on all those achievements!!
    Oh Arv... ><