Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Four More PvP

Four more PvP Achievements. These ones seemed more luck based than the ones I had been aiming for.
 Wild Hammering: Luck Based Achievement I got in Twin Peaks. Get five Dwarf HKs in a single battleground.

Drop It Now!: Kill 5 people carrying bombs in a single game Strand of the Ancients. Only can do it while you are on defence. Can sorta be luck based. Gotta go on defensively before they can drop the bombs at the doors.

Ancient Protector: Kill 10 players in the Courtyard of the Ancients in a single battle. Another Strand of the Ancients achievement. Having the whole team defending the Courtyard and the Alliance just running in to their dooms is how I got this one.

One Two Three You Don't Know About Me: A Battle for Gilneas achievement. Cap 2 flags in the same game. I got Mines when we all ran out at the start. After a failed attack on Waterworks, I went to Lighthouse with others and capped the flag there. This is much easier than the Defend Achievements I think. Never managed to defend any of them.

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