Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Been a Month and a Half

It has been a Month and a Half since my last entry.

My hiatus began initially because of my minor cuts on my hands. This initial hiatus led me to realise that most of my content was about obtaining Achievement X. I had tried to make those posts informative by then explaining how I obtained that achievement. I'd mention my cool friends and some of their cool blogs. And only then in passing on how they helped me achieve an achievement.

My minor hiatus led me to realise I was just obtaining achievements every day to be able to post about them. I didn't have a healthy balance between blog and playing.

So I stopped posting all together.

Since Pandaria has been released, I've loved almost every moment. I have obtained many achievements and done many quests. Pet Battles are just so great! It is like the Pokémon MMO I've always wanted. Loved the two Pandarian Emissaries outside Brewfest giving the hint that they'll compete with the other breweries for Brewfest next year.

My next post? Well when I think up something to write I'll write it.
After Patch 4.0
Note: Just noticed looking at the list, I just noticed that Exëcute left the guild. That makes me sad!