Thursday, 28 February 2013

Day 2 - What pets don't you like and why?

What pets don't you like and why?

Top 6 Worse Pets:
6# Mr. Wiggles - That Pig just looks so smug all the time. I can't stand it!
Edit Pic Added: " Try looking from another angle!" -Luxypie (Veluxia)
5# Mechanical Chicken - You know why Mechanical Chicken, you know why!
4# Enchanted Broom - Yeah, I ask you to fill the well and you bring me so much water that I drown! A real jerk.
3# Magic Lamp - No Wishes as Advertised.
2#  Blighthawk - An undead Vulture. Just looks creepy.
1# Twilight Fiendling - Just gross.

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Day 1 - My first day Pet Battling

A Topic from Navi's Blog: The Daily Frostwolf - Druid Edition.

I want to hear all about your pet battles! I know you're just dying to tell me! So to all my readers who blog (and even those who don't!) I would love to hear your stories. So I made up a 10 days thing so I can get to know more about your pet battling (and hopefully learn something too!)

Day 1: Your first day pet battling:

I come from a background in Pokémon. Gen 1 to Gen 5. I have all the Pokémon except Meloetta. Traveled traveled on a train for hours to obtain Keldeo. So on the day of the Expansion Mists of Pandaria I barely had time for questing. I had no time to protect the world from devastation or to unite all peoples within our nation! No time to to denounce the evils of the Sha. No time to extend the Horde's reach to the continent below! I was out there, Pet Battling!

My rule: never run from a Pet Battle, even if defeat seems unavoidable. I'm sure the rule came about from the Grindy Levelling of Pokémon and avoiding the EV nerds. Sure, go ahead and kill 252 Zubats to max our your Speed Effort Value, leaving 252 and 6 EV for two other stats. Sure, I'll use a Power Bracer while grinding, but I am not going to Min/Max the fun out of the game.


Back to World of Warcraft. Here was the problem: I wasn't going to leave an area before I managed to capture a rare of each type. Just rare, ignoring it's stats (health/strength/speed). Also the addon I had on the first day couldn't tell if the pet you were battling was a Rare until I caught it. So I had to try to catch everything listed as captureable on wowhead.

BTW First Rare: [Dung Beetle]! Caught near the Cataclysm Portals, on the clifftop above the Tauren District.

Eventually I had caught the rares of Orgrimmar and I moved onto the other Capital Cities and Starting Zones. It was only after many hours of Pet Battling I decided to go out and look at Pandaria for the first time.

Azadelta's Warcrimes

"Do you want some Cloth?" asked Azadelta.
"Sure," I said.
"Come to Wetlands..." said Azadelta.
So McTacky flys to Wetlands. What met his eyes was pure horror.
Both Dragonkin and Dragonmaw Clan alike were slaugtered by Felmagicks. Reinforcement came and came, but stood no chance against the Warlock.

Monday, 25 February 2013

My First Raid Finders of MoP

I tried some Raid Finder for the first time in Mists of Pandaria
The group for GoM was nice a friendly. Also I got a Cloak and Offhand upgrade during it.

VoM was non-stop complaining. It stated with I put down feast. A few complained it was the 10-player feast, but I had put down 3. Fight after fight, they would belittle people for not being good enough or fast enough. I did receive a Helmet and Shoulder upgrades after spending my coins.
Clearly I had far more fun during GoM than VoM.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

That isn't a Sheild!

That isn't my [Blood Knight Defender] transmog! The [Blood Knight Defender] is the logo at the top of this page! What happened!?

Today [Fan of Fiery Winds] dropped during Raid Finder of Guardians of Mogu'shan. I am trapped, even with the patch 5.2 changes, the off hand item will not be able to be transmogged into a shield.

Lucky I had prepared in advance for just such an emergency. I had a [Book of Highborne Hymns] from Sunwell. While it does feature a lot of Yellow, the Phoenix Wings handle and the Cover of the Book at least thematically link.

Saturday, 23 February 2013

Pets 427 - 434

The pets I've gained since coming back to playing Warcraft.
Pet 427 - [Nexus Whelpling] - Caught in Coldarra in Northrend. Went there to collect Colbalt and found several of the Whelplings in the wild. Caught one and moved on.
Pet 428 - [Red Cricket] - For becoming Best Friends with Sho of The Tillers a few days ago. Involved flying around Valley of the Four Winds looking for Piles of Dirt containing Gifts.
Pet 429 - [Eye of the Legion] - Loot Card  From the WoW Card Game.

Pet 430 - [Sand Scarab] - Loot Card From WoW Card Game

Pet 431 - [Fluxfire Feline] - Found Outside Gnomeregan. I killed Cochroaches at The Toxic Airfield until one spawned. These pets are known for being Over Powered, but are being nefted in 5.2.

Pet 432 - [Lofty Libram] - Found Around Dalaran Crater. I found it in the wild straight away. Didn't have to do anything special to make it appear.
Pet 433 - Harpy Youngling - Caught in The Dry Hills in Northern Barrens. Had to wait around a while before one spawned.

Pet 434 - Infinite Whelpling - Caught in Tanaris outside the Caverns of Time. There were heaps of them around, so just flew in and caught one.

The Anglers Exalted

My 57th Exalted Reputation is The Anglers of Pandaria.

With the [Grand Commendation of the Anglers] I was getting 1100 rep per quest, so 3300 rep a day, so I only had to do their quests for a few days and I was done.
Nat Pagle's Friendship... that is far more tricky.
Meanwhile The Kalaxxi and Golden Lotus is getting close to Revered now, and I'll have to remember to pick up their Grand Commendations.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

Wrong Tabard

So it was Love is in the Air. I don't have the [Big Love Rocket]. So I log into Wow for the first time in months.* I say hello to guildies who hadn't seen me in a while. But something was amiss.

Something was wrong.

What am I wearing!?

What is that Tabard!? That isn't my [Blood Knight Tabard]! I log in and check. It is the [Huojin Tabard], I hadn't finished off the Huojin Pandaren Faction.

I didn't care about the [Big Love Rocket] anymore. I was determined by the end of the day I would finish off the Huojin Pandaren Faction Rep and get rid of that tabard. So off to Shadow Labyrinth (or Shadow Labs if you are cool)!

Grandmaster Vorpil with Friends
So the rep was done. 56th Exalted Rep. I sold that [Huojin Tabard] and was back in my [Blood Knight Tabard]. Also as a bonus buying all the Huojin Mounts gave me the [We're Going to Need More Saddles] achievement.
Looking Good!
But that wasn't enough. Not by far. I also noticed on my Rep List that Sho of The Tillers was the only one I wasn't Best Friends with. I couldn't let that stand. So I flew around Valley of the Four Winds gathering gifts for her. Eventually getting [Friends on the Farm]
Not Shown: Flying Around, Staring at the Ground for Hours for Lighter Coloured Ground.
So the Tiller now were done, right? I'd maxed the friendships and had all the cooking recipies. Yes, but No. I hadn't collected the 50 [Ironpaw Token] for the [Cooking School Bell]. So I decided to do the Daily for the [Ironpaw Token]. But... I may as well do the other dallies at Half Hill that were at the same spot.

Then I saw my Angeler's Rep was half way to Exalted, so there was no harm in doing the fishing quests too...
Then I realised it was 3am and I had spent the whole afteroon and night playing World of Warcraft and I had to get up for work in a few hours.
It's Raining, why did I have to use a [Rusty Watering Can] again?
So I sleep. Work. Get back home and Log back into WoW. Try again for [Big Love Rocket]. Do Dalies for Half Hill and the Anglers. Then I realise I can buy Grand Commendations to make it go faster. So I get the Grand Commendations I can, and dive into doing Dalies for Golden Lotus, Kalaxxi and Order of the Cloud Serpent.
So I find myself hooked again to World of Warcraft.
* Actually I popped on during Lunar Festival to see if anything was new, but that wasn't for long since there was nothing new.