Wednesday, 29 January 2014

16k Achievement Points

I reached 16k Achievement points during the Guild Raid on Sunday Night were what pushed me over: Downfall and Strike!.

In other news, I finally finished wings 3 and 4 of Siege of Orgrimmar (Flex)!

My computer was broken when I first posted this so there was no screenshots. Now my computer is back I added the screenshots.

Monday, 27 January 2014

McTacky Saves the Lunar Festival (Part 4)

Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky entered in Moonglade via the Timbermaw Hold. McTacky years ago had befriended and become exalted with this furlong tribe and they allowed him safe passage.

McTacky's black and red metal boots trod on the stone path that went around the shoreline of Lake Elune'ara. There was a haze rising from the lake and the moon was bright in the sky.

In the mists, standing before McTacky stood the demigod Omen. It roared in rage at the Blood Knight.

McTacky readied himself with a blessing of might and seal of blood.

The demigod was, of course, no match for McTacky's powerful paladin powers. The beast was mindless and McTacky put it down.

With Omen defeated, McTacky continued down the path into the Night Elf town of Nighthaven.

"I defeated the beat Omen. I saved the Lunar Festival," said McTacky, glad this was all over. He had finally completed his task from the dream.

"Defeated Omen? No the beast possesses Elune's blessing and is immortal," said Fariel Starsong, "you just sent his spirit back to the waters of Elune'ara."

"What." said McTacky.

"Your victory is a celebration, McTacky. A celebration of the might of Omen, of you and of the peace you have given this tragic hero of our past," said Valadar Starsong.

"So I did save the Lunar Festival then, at least?" asked McTacky.

"You misunderstand. Defeating Omen is 'part' of the Lunar Festival. Each year during the Lunar Festival Omen's rage rises his spirit from the lake. Each year he is defeated and subsides for another year for the past 10,000 years," said Valadar Starsong.

"So if I hadn't defeated Omen?" asked McTacky.

"A group of champions would have formed and done so, as is tradition," said Fariel Starsong, "here, have a complementary Elune Lantern. Come back next year!"

Days Later in Silvermoon...

"Merry Lunar Festival!" cheerfully greeted the Tauren at the gates to Silvermoon as McTacky finally arrived home after a long trip back.

McTacky just glared at the Lunar Festival Harbingers, he'd had enough of the Lunar Festival. McTacky made his way to the Wayfarer's Rest.

Hours later McTacky was a little drunk. Dalaran Noir wasn't very strong.

"You had a dream then you were surprised it didn't come true? Are you mana-crazy?" asked the Bartender, "It was just dream! And you travelled to two other continents because of this dream? What is wrong with you?"

"Dalaran Noir," said McTacky.

"If I did everything I did in dreams in real life, I'd get arrested." said the Bartender, pouring out the drink.

"Leave the bottle," said McTacky.

The End

Saturday, 25 January 2014

McTacky Saves the Lunar Festival (Part 3)

Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky brushed back his silver grey hair from in front of his eyes and blinked and squinted from the snows. He had arrived at the Steamwheedle Cartel trading post of Everlook in the heart of Winterspring late in the day.

After receiving directions from a friendly High Elf, Nymn, McTacky left town and set out for the lake. The High Elf also warned McTacky to avoid Kel'Theril. McTacky already knew this place was not safe. Four years ago, before the restoration of the Sunwell, an expedition of warriors and scholars set out from Silvermoon to this lake. They were after a powerful artefact of tremendous arcane power.They never returned.

McTacky left the road and set out in the snow. He strode uphill until he was at the peak. Putting a hand over his eyes, he could see the whole frozen lake below and the ruins.

Here once stood the Highbourne Night Elf city of Kel'Theril. McTacky's ancestors. During the events of the Sundering 10,000 years ago, the city was destroyed and sunk into what is now known as Lake Kel'Theril. McTacky had heard from the Sunreavers in Dalaran that the spirit of an Elder was there and would give him the answers he needed.

McTacky could feel a sense of history as he stepped onto the frozen lake carefully with his metal plate boots. But this place was alien and full of Night Elf architecture and design. His ancestors were another people, unlike himself. Perhaps he shouldn't be here.

McTacky ignored his doubts and crossed the lake. The ice was very thick.

On the island in the middle of the lake stood three spirits. A Kaldorei, a Quel'dorei and a Sin'dori. That is a Night Elf (highbourne), a High Elf and a Blood Elf.

"Do you seek the artefact, sir Blood Knight?" asked the Blood Elf Spirit.

"What artefact?" asked McTacky

"The Crystal of Zin-Malor," spoke the Kaldorei Spirit, "10,000 years ago we stole it from a far-off temple without remorse. Its ability to control the arcane was too tempting, and when it was toyed with, its shattering cursed us all. Kel'theril suffered until the Sundering destroyed it for good."

"The crystal was a powerful artefact that that can contain and control strong arcane forces but it could only be held by the worthy, and brought doom upon all others. 100 years ago we set out from Silvermoon and never returned." said the High Elf Spirit.

"Four years ago we set out from Silvermoon. We were not naïve, as our forefathers were. We were suspicious and cunning and ready for betrayal at every turn," spoke the Blood Elf Spirit, "we found shards of the crystal. Yet we were still destroyed."

"I'm here to find the Elder. Not some artefact," said McTacky.

"Oh. She is over there on the far side of the lake," said the Blood Elf Spirit, "Just know that the Crystal of Zin-Malor brings only ruin to all around it. Leave this place, if you do not wish to join us."

As McTacky set out across to the far side of the lake, he wondered if he should take up the Crystal of Zin-Malor. Only the worthy could use the Crystal of Zin-Malor and the Naaru had said this was a task only McTacky could do. The power of the Crystal of Zin-Malor could make McTacky powerful enough to be the top of the healing charts in the guild raiding team!

Then there was a beam of light from the sky and the Elder Brightspear appeared before McTacky.

"The heavens, in their countless stars, hold answers to earthly mysteries, Mctacky.  Might, then, the wise, and the lucky, gaze up and find truth?" asked the Elder.

The truth? McTacky looked up and just saw stars. He realised the truth.

He was already superb! He didn't need the Crystal of Zin-Malor!

"The Stars of this time are bent on new paths, beacons of hope and strength for the coming ages," spoke the Elder.

McTacky left Kel'Theril feeling enlightened, but yet clueless as to what his mission to 'save the Lunar Festival' actually meant.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

McTacky Saves the Lunar Festival (Part 2)

The festival of the moon was ever more important to the kaldorei than the sin'dorei. Aloysius McTacky, Master Blood Knight needed more information if he was to continue in his mission.

McTacky heard from a reliable source in Murder Alley that the The Sunreavers in the Sunreaver's Sanctuary were celebrating the Lunar Festival. The SUNreavers were celebrated the LUNAR Festival? McTacky had to investigate this lead. So he decided to head out from Silvermoon the next morning and take the next zeppelin to Northrend.

After an arduous flight north, McTacky arrived at the city of Dalaran. He moved though the familiar streets that had been his home during the Northrend Campaign. Past the Sunreaver guards, he entered the Sanctuary. The rumour was true, there was indeed decorations up.
 Moon lanterns in the Sunreaver's Sanctuary? McTacky looked around for some locals to question.
McTacky found a pair of commoners. They would not dare refuse to answer to a Blood Knight about the Lunar Festival.

"Why do the Sunreavers have Lunar Lanterns up? That makes no sense!" pointed out McTacky.

"Well we were all kicked out of Dalaran over a year ago during the Pandaren Campaign Divine Bell debacle. None of this scene makes any sense!" pointed out the Female Blood Elf Commoner defensively.

"This is a celebration of our ancestors defeating the Burning Legion during the War of the Ancients," explained the Male Blood Elf Commoner in a calm voice.

"The celebration of our ancestral exile by the kaldorei, you mean?" asked McTacky aggressively.

"Think of it like this; aren't you glad you live in Silvermoon and not Darnassus?" asked the Female Blood Elf.

McTacky paused to consider. This apartment in Silvermoon was much nicer than living in trees.

"This is true," admitted McTacky, calming down.

"Seek out our Elder for more information," said the Male Blood Elf  Commoner.

"During the Lunar Festival, we should take time to seek out our elders and consider their wisdom," said the Female Blood Elf Commoner.

"What Elder? There are no Blood Elf or High Elf Elders," pointed out McTacky.

"You can find an Highborne Elder at the ruins of Night Elven city of Kel'Theril," said the Female Blood Elf.

McTacky stayed the night at the The Filthy Animal inn and next the next morning for the land of Winterspring. The location of the ruins of Kel'Theril.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

McTacky Saves the Lunar Festival (Part 1)

In his lofty Silvermoon apartment, Aloysius McTacky's silvery hair lay on the pillow as his mind was in a deep slumber. He was resting after a hard day of crafting Gems, beating the heat, and being the charming guild know it all.

But McTacky's slumber was not meant to be. He opened his glowing green eyes and gazed upon a visitation of a Naaru! McTacky's thoughts quickly wondered if it was here for revenge? Blood Knight Master McTacky had drained holy energies from the shining M'uru to grain access to the holy powers of the light. It was another era, before the Sunwell was restored and mana had to be mana tapped from other living creatures.

The crystal harmony noises came from the unnamed Naaru before McTacky. Somehow he understood it's meaning.

"I speak to you in your dreams. You must save the Lunar Festival! Only you can do this, Crusader."

"I'd be honoured. Hang on, the LUNAR Festival?" asked McTacky.

"That is the event of which I speak," projected the Naaru meanings.

"You interrupted my very important beauty sleep for the Lunar Festival of all things? That is that Night Elf Holiday," said McTacky.

"Such arrogance is unbecoming. Communion with Elders is not exclusive to a people" intoned in crystal, translated the Naaru meanings.

"Search Silvermoon. Do you see any Lunar Festival Decorations? Do you see any elders? Of course not. Just some Tauren squatting near the front gate," pointed out McTacky.

"Observance is not important. Being a saviour is of importance," intoned the Naaru.

"What about the Feast of Winter Veil? I'd love to save that world holiday," said McTacky.

"At this time the Lunar Festival is threatened," said the Naaru.

"No thankyou," said McTacky.

"You are a Paladin. You have an obligation to obey all boons," intoned the offended Naaru, the crystal noises harsh to the ear.

"I have an obligation to the Light. I gain strength from the restored Sunwell, as to all sin'dorei. However you are a dimension-traveling sentient energy being," pointed out McTacky.

McTacky remembered nothing of the rest of the dream, but he eventually awoke in the morning a terrible headache. And the knowledge that he would have to save the Lunar Festival .

What are you Tauren even doing here?

Friday, 17 January 2014

Beat the Heat

The summer is oppressive. Here is some idea of what you can do to avoid being hot in Warcraft.

Do: Argent Tournament Grounds dallies!
Snow, Snow and more snow. A perfect You will be flying around the cold reaches of Icecrown, Northrend.
Don't: Molten Front dallies! 
Avoid the lava giants of the Firelands of Hyjal. It won't do you any good! Even if you are after that Flameward Hippogryph, it can wait a few days so you don't feel worse. Beat that heat and stay out of the Molten Front.
Do: Quest 50-55 Winterspring
From the bustling Everlook to the spooky Lake Kel'Theril up to Pride Rock, these quests will treat you to cold, cold and more cold weather! Of course avoid the Frostfire Hot Springs if you want to keep cool.
Don't: Quest 47-52 Searing Gorge/Burning Steppes
What? Are you nuts? These zones were previously part of the Redridge Mountains. That was until Black Rock Mountain became a Volcano thanks to the Dark Iron Dwarves. Both zones have flowing lava and a lot of brimstone. You won't be helping anyone being this hot. Also for an active Volcano, there is still six instances here. These NPCs are nuts. Don't be a roasted nut too. Avoid this area at all costs!
Do: Eat Ice Cream
Visit to Brivelthwerp's boat in Thousand Needles for a variety of Iced Goodies. Choose from Brivelthwerp's Crunchy Ice Cream Bar, Frozen "Cream" Custard, Ooey Gooey Gelato, Silithid-Free Sorbet or Tigule and Foror's Strawberry Ice Cream. But you may have to do a few tasks for Brivelthwerp first.
Do: Eat Chilli
Dragonbreath Chili is the best thing to beat the heat. The hotter you feel in the inside, the less hot you feel on the outside! But be warned, Small Flame Sacs are hard to come by since the Cataclysm. Also may cause interjection and belching gouts of flames from your mouth.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Countdown to Warlords of Draenor (9 week update/42 weeks to go)

I am steadily progressing. Two of the Argent Tournament Mounts, 4 JC recipes, a reputation finished and eight Shadowfrost Shards!.

Important Stuff to do:
● Get Holy Item Level to over 553 (522 525/553)
● Do Siege of Orgrimmar (Wing 1 or 4 completed)
● Finish Legendary Cloak Quest line (Secrets of the Empire: 9/20)
● Proving Grounds: Proving Yourself: Gold Healer
Old Raid Stuff to do:
● Finish Shadowmourn Quest line (Shadowfrost Shards: 0 8/50)
● Glory of the Icecrown Raider (25 player) (15/17)
● Glory of the Cataclysm Raider (13/24)
● Get all Classic Raid Pet Drops (9 12/12 Complete)
● Get all Burning Crusade Raid Pet Drops (2 3/10)
● Get all Raid Reps (1/3) (Hydraxian Waterlords Complete)(Avengers of Hyjal; Shado-Pan Assault)

Misc Stuff to do:
● Get all Pristine Archaeology (10/28)
● Do [The Longest Day] Achievement
● Get all Argent Tournament Mounts (7 9/15) (700 Tokens)
● Nat Pagle Friendship to Best Friends (6/64 hand-ins done)
Jewelcrafting Recipe Collection:
● 10 Burning Crusade Recipes - 1 Aldor, 6 Sunwell, 2 World Drop, 1 Dungeon Drop
● 28 Cataclysm - 2 World Drop; 26 Vendor (116 Cata Tokens)
9 5 Rares =  15 Tokens; 11 Epics = 44 Tokens; 3 Meta = 12 Tokens; 9 Rings/Necks = 45 Tokens
● 2 Pandaria Recipes - (from Serpent's Heart or Ancient Guo-Lai Cache).

Friday, 10 January 2014

OMG, It Does Exist!

 At long last, after many (dark) moons had passed McTacky one cloudy afternoon. Once again Jeremy Feasel was beaten in a Pokémon Duel.
McTacky opened the [Darkmoon Pet Supplies] and inside was the [Darkmoon Eye]!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Hydraxian Waterlords Exalted

64th Exalted Faction is the Hydraxian Waterlords.
Using the [Battle Standard of Coordination] and guild perk [Mr. Popularity] I was able to get 1328 Hydraxian Waterlords reputation every run. Without these two things I'd only be getting 1050 rep per run. That saves you 4 runs during the Revered to Exalted grind (from 20 full clears to 15.8) needed.
Now some various screenshots of me doing MC over a long period of time: