Saturday, 28 November 2015

The inevitable WoD Bucket List

Dungeon Stuff to do:
● Glory of the Draenor Hero (6/23)
● Do the Mythic Dungeons (4/8)

Raid Stuff to do:
● Clear Heroic Highmaul (1/7)
● Clear Normal Blackrock Foundary (8/10)
● Clear Heroic Blackrock Foundary (9/10)
● Clear Heroic Hellfire Citadel (10/13)
● Glory of the Hellfire Raider (10/13)

Old Raid Stuff to do:
● Glory of the Pandaria Raider (20/31)
● Glory of the Thundering Raider (22/23)
● Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider (13/14)

Misc Stuff to do:
● 2 Songs - Nefarian (Blackwing Descent), Kel'Thuzad (Naxxramas)
● 2680/5000 Blackfang Claws
● Pristine Archaeology (19/39) - Draenor Clans (8/19), Ogre (7/10), Arakkoa (4/10)
● Nemesis Kills (2/7)

Old Misc Stuff to do:
● 1 Argent Tournament Mount
● Tol'vir Archaeology - Need the Pet & Mount.

Jewelcrafting Recipe Collection: 6 + 3
● 1 Rep (Aldor), 3 Raid (Sunwell), 1 Dungeon (Old Hillsbrad), 1 World Drop (Cataclysm), 3 Tanaan Jungle Recipies

Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Repost: Pilgrims Bounty Shopping List

Merry Pilgrims Bounty! This is a repost as nothing new in 2015. However in 2014 a toy and a battle pet (Frightened Bush Chicken & Silver-Plated Turkey Shooter) were added. The items are only obtainable from the seasonal daily quest reward bag Pilgrim's Bounty.

Daily Shopping List:
Simple Flour x20
Mild Spices x20
Honey x 100 (all seasonal vendors)
Autumnal Herbs x 60 (all seasonal vendors)
Wild Turkey x20 (kill and loot them outside Undercity in Trisfal Glades)
Ripe Tirisfal Pumpkin x20 (Undercity Seasonal Vendor)
Mulgore Sweet Potato x20 (Thunderbluff Seasonal Vendor)
Tangy Southfury Cranberries x20 (Orgrimmar Seasonal Vendor)

(If you want to skip the Wild Turkey dallies, you only need to buy Honeyx60 instead)

Also if you are doing the normal quests for Pilgrim's Bounty for the first time, have 5 extra of Turkey, Pumpkin, Potato and Crandberry, but don't cook them until you have the quest for them since the quest will only credit you if you cook them while on the quest.

Because of the low drops rates per Pilgrim's Bounty I recommend doing them on all alts. Teaming up with a Mage will make traveling in-between Org-TB-UC faster.

Monday, 16 November 2015

Warlords of Draenor - Month 11

Gear & Raids:
McTacky - Item Level 708 (Ret)

Since month 9, I've cleared Hellfire Citadel on normal difficulty and done 8/13 on heroic with the guild (the guild has cleared all 13 without me however).

The only fun I've been having is with the people in the raid. I still find the instance itself frightfully dull and the atmosphere boring. The only fights that are interesting is the robot boss (Iron Reaver), the Bird Boss (Shadow-Lord Iskar).

Still using profile to keep track of it all, and I am now at 731 unique pets.

Being able to collect Terky in-game was great. Still Blizzard still has no record of my Hunter having ever earned the Spirit of Competition so I still haven't been able to restore that.

1750/2000 Draenor Pet Battles now. Going to push thought at least another 50 levelling battles in the next couple of days since it is currently Pet Battle Weekend.

I just have one Argent Tournament mount left. 150 more tokens to go.

A few more Pristine Artefacts obtained. About half way now.

I've been 100% burned out on WOW the past few months. I never liked Hellfire Citadel and having a year more of it feels like a punishment. Grinding out the PVP achievements

In the past 3 months I've been playing more Diablo (Season 4) and the new StarCraft Expansion. Also in the beta for Overwatch. Non-blizzard has been City Skylines and some weeboo Vita games. I've come back to WoW more to keep levelling up my pets.

As for the Blizzcon announcements, I am happy that the expanded Transmogrify ability to choose items from old quests, even rewards you didn't choose. Which means I can Quel'Delar with 2 hander and 1 hander from the A Victory For The Sunreavers quest. That is exactly what my new Ashbringer next expansion will be transformed into the moment I obtain it.

Blizcon's Warcraft cinematic trailers were good looking. I avoid looking at the actual new content that is in the expansion, I don't want to spoil myself for the stuff when it comes out.