Saturday, 28 July 2012

Glory of the Raider (10 player)

Today myself, Exëcute, Aioros, Azalpha and Afranaisy went into Naxxramas (10 Player) to get achievements for Glory of the Raider (10 player).

First The Arachnid Quarter. We attacked Grand Widow Faerlina and somehow failed Momma Said Knock You Out (10 player). We pushed on and got Arachnophobia (10 player) for everyone and the Spiderwing was done.

We then went to The Construct Quarter that Exëcute kept calling the Plague Quarter, making Aioros go to the wrong spot. Eventually we all got to the same spot. Make Quick Werk of Him (10 player) done after Patchwerk fied within 3 minutes.

Grobbulus and Gluth fell with no effort then it was off to Thaddius. Subtraction (10 player) was simple enough since there were only five of us. Shocking! (10 player) need more planning since everyone was melee. Exëcute and Aioros stood out of the fight. Azalpha and Afranaisy meleed standing a different sides and I healed. Thaddius died in little time.

Then the real The Plague Quarter. Noth the Plaguebringer fight. Then for Heigan the Unclean we all stood up on the platform for The Safety Dance (10 player).

Then at the end of The Plague Quarter was Loatheb. We avoid AoE and Ret Aura and got Spore Loser in little time.
Then onto the Military Quarter! Smashed Instructor Razuvious with Aza tanking without bothering with the mind control. Waited around for the Gothik the Harvester fight to end.  Then we tried for And They Would All Go Down Together (10 player) but the last kill just took a moment too long.

Then there was the last place left. Frostwyrm Lair. On Sapphiron we did the fight we got The Hundred Club (10 player) for others. Then on Kel'Thuzad we killed 18 Abominations for Just Can't Get Enough (10 player). Since we killed all the boss with less then 10 people, we also got The Dedicated Few (10 player).

Then onto the Sartharion in The Obsidian Sanctum. Afranaisy left but we were joined by Roshii, Ròckhoof, and Guild Leader Fueghan. Leaving all 3 Drakes alive, we look out Sartharion. Fueghan won the Reins of the Black Drake. Earning Twilight Assist (10 player), Twilight Duo (10 player), The Twilight Zone (10 player) and Gonna Go When the Volcano Blows (10 player) for myself. 

So in the end today I am now 15/16 for Glory of the Raider (10 player). I just need Momma Said Knock You Out (10 player) now.

Then I traveled onto Malygos 10 man with Exëcute, Aioros, Azalpha and Fueghan. They earnt
A Poke in the Eye (10 Player) for having less than 10 people, also You Don't have an Eternity (10 Player for defeating the Aspect of Magic in less than 6 Minutes.

After helping with Sougly's Dwarfageddon (10 player) group, it was onwards to join Navimie's Onyxia 25 Man. There were 16 of us for that. <McTacky takes a deep breath>.

Frostwolves: Azalpha, Execute, Faithless, Imwifher (Roshii), Imwifhim (Souglyy), Lushnek (HK), McTacky (me), Navimie, Sevros.

The Darkness Within: Dragonray, Lominari, Cynewulf, Calagendi

Others: Saintvache, Nipandtuck, & Druidelight

On the third attempt we got Onyxia Down, and 50 Whelps on Phase 2, no one hit by Deep Breath and within 5 minutes. I got more Four Achievements: Onyxia's Lair (10 player), Many Whelps! Handle It! (10 player), More Dots! (10 player), She Deep Breaths More (10 player).

Then The Darkness Within was going to Ruby Sanctum 10 man. Navimie, myself, Lushnek (HK), and Execute tagged along. Halion was dead on the first attempt.