Sunday, 15 February 2015

Warlords of Draenor - Month 3

Level 3 Garrisons - Paladin, Warrior, Hunter,
Level 2 Garrisons - Shaman, Priest, Mage, Druid, Death Knight
Level 1 Garrisons - Rogue, Alliance Warlock
(Monk is still level 80 for Herald of the Titans)

McTacky - Item Level 650/645 (Ret/Holy)

Proving Grounds/Dungeons/Raids:
Still going with guild to Normal Highmaul each weekend. Still haven't killed Imperator Mar'gok yet. Patch 6.1 is just over a week, so new raid stuff then! Still haven't done all the 5-mans Heroically yet. Still no rank changes with proving grounds.

Zilch PvP.

All professions except Leatherworking, Skinning and Herbalism have been maxed out.

Got the new Midsummer Festival & Winter Veil toys. Mount from the Arakkoa Outcasts Exalted. Got Lumpy from Winter Veil at long last!

No fishing. Did a whole heap of archaeology and finished up the Ogre Category. Need to finish Orc and Arakkoa then start on the Pristines.

Most days I just log in to do my Garrison Missions and Trade Skills and then log out. I am slowly getting though the Garrison Campaign Missions and doing the Dungeon Quests from the Tavern.