Thursday, 12 July 2012

Dead in Well of Eternity

Today I rejoined Navime, Lushnek (HK), and Sevros for some 5-man achievements, along with Gutsy! So into Well of Eternity for Lazy Eye! The plan was simple. I would have to die!

Mission Accomplished!

I was not the only one. Sev and HK would have to join me in death. The aim was to trigger phase 2, have all the DPS die before all the Eye of Peroth'arn come out. That way Navime and Gutsy could sneak around, avoid the Eyes. With only two people alive there was greater chance for the achievement. Then at the start of Phase 3 the two of them would rez everyone back and continue the fight.

In the first fight I couldn't get threat on Peroth'arn in time so I didn't die in time for phase 2. I tried to avoid the eyes but was surrounded! We all died to reset to try again.

On the second attempt Gutsy was standing outside the firewall and died at the start. Navi made it to phase 2 but there wasn't enough heals for phase 3.

On the third, forth and fifth attempts, Sev, HK and Myself all died per plan, but during phase 2 some Priest kept getting detected.

On the sixth attempt Gusty decided to die at the same time as the DPS and Navime would solo Phase 2. And it worked, Navime avoided all the eyes! When Phase 3 began, Gusty used his soul stone, Navime rezed HK, HK Rezed Sev, and I stayed dead.

Keep at it!

Peroth'arn then was blasted apart and Lazy Eye was gained by HK, Gutsy and Myself!

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  1. I am glad everyone got it. So much pressure!