Sunday, 15 May 2016

Warlords of Draenor - Month 17

(Pic Here)
Gear & Raids:
McTacky - Item Level 728 (Ret)
One item levels this month from upgrading gear with valor.
Valor Needed:
750 0 for Ret set
3,250 for Holy set
Finally obtained all the garrison music rolls. My Overwatch pet unlocked. No progress on Brutal Pet Brawler for the Stunted Direhorn pet (150/250 PVP pet battles wins atm).

I already own a [Spineclaw Crab], but I need to loot one on Timeless Isle to finish off Going To Need A Bigger Bag.

Fished up 30 Lunkers this month. Still need 30 more for the Draenor Water Strider mount.

I spent a bunch of this month camping Timeless Isle (for Going To Need A Bigger Bag items) while playing Xenoblade or the new season of Diablo. I haven't felt very engaged with World of Warcraft this month.

Legion was announced during the month. It is now 15 weeks away.

The Spineclaw Crab has me frustrated, 1100 kills of normal crabs and only seen the rare 9 times.