About Me!

G'day all. My character's name is McTacky, a Holy Paladin Blood Knight in the Frostwolves Guild on Saurfang (Oceanic Server).

During Classic WoW my main character was Atain, Protection Warrior. It was at the start of Burning Crusade I switched my main to McTacky.

My main interests are Casual Raiding, Jewelcrafting, and Lore. This blog doesn't have a specific purpose in mind, just post about significant things to me and sometimes short fiction.

My wonderful Avatar Pic that Tandolcedeco to drew thanks to Navimie's commission.

My Characters:


McTacky, 100 Blood Elf Paladin

Atain, 100 Orc Warrior

TicTacky, 100 Blood Elf Hunter

Tackylyte, 100 Blood Elf Mage

Hardtacky, 100 Tauren Shaman

Blutacky, 100 Troll Druid
Tackyon, 100 Dwarf Warlock
Thumbtacky, 100 Goblin DK

Heartatacky, 100 Pandaren Priest

Contacky, 100 Goblin Rogue

Tackycardia, 80 Troll Monk

MacTacky, 90 Dwarf Paladin

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