Sunday, 8 July 2012

Entomology of Tacky

All my alts nowadays have 'Tacky' in their names. This was not always the case.

The Image shows 2005, 2011, 2012.

When I purchased my own copy of the game I created Atain. The alts were names I felt had a similarr theme to attain. Atain himself was not named after the word attain but from the computer game A-Train. All these 2005 toons would end up deleted except Atain.

If I had BC era screenshots, it would show McTacky 70, Atain 70, Taloni 70 (Hunter), MacTacky 70. At the start of BC I changed main from Atain to McTacky. Many people didn't realize I was the same player. I think I lost contact with a lot of people who had me on their friend lists.

This lack of clear identify made me decide any future alt would follow a theme that people would easily notice.

Then I made another thematic misstep by using 'Mc' at the start of the names. Too many random people already had Mc at the start of their names.

I decided to switch to of keeping 'Tacky' in all the names instead. ZuTacky was first. Then I decided to make the names puns!

Hardtacky = Hardtack
TicTacky = Tic Tac (Azalpha came up with that one)
Thumbtacky = Thumbtack
Blutacky = Blu-Tack
Contacky = Contact Adhesive
Heartattacky = Heart Attack
Intacky = Intact

Heartattacky was abandoned after Navimie suggested the more clever:
Tackycardia = Tachycardia (a name now reserved for my monk)

I considered renaming Atain to Atacky, but decided against it in the end for nostalgic reasons.

Having changed servers following the Frostwolves from Khadgar to Dath'Remar, and changing my mains, I really lost contact  a lot with who I was in the past. Nowadays I am not Atain, I am wholeheartedly McTacky!

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