Monday, 15 June 2015

Warlords of Draenor - Month 7

Level 3 Garrisons - Paladin, Warrior, Hunter, Shaman, Priest, Mage, Druid, Death Knight, Alliance Warlock
Level 2 Garrisons - Rogue
(Monk is still level 80 for Herald of the Titans)

Levelled up my Druid with quests and levelled my Death Knight with pet battles. Now levelling my Rogue with Pet Battles.

Gear & Raids:
McTacky - Item Level 687/673 (Ret/Holy)

I have cleared Blackrock Foundry except for Blackhand on Heroic with the guild. I now have a full set of Heroic Tier items, including four tier items. Raids are on hiatus until the patch next week.

Done a bunch of Ashran. Finished with Humans and Nelf. Working on Dwarf now. I have been told I should have done less Pet Battles and more PvP to get Ashran finished before the patch hits, because there will be no more pre-made Ashran groups!

I have converted all 682 of my pets to Rare Quality. Currently levelling up the lower level ones with pet battles on toons I am levelling and using Pet Tokens to level up higher levelled ones to 25. I made a profile to keep track.

No archaeology this month, but plan to do it more once I have flying unlocked.

Patch 6.2 lands next week. The Q&A explained that alt garrisons will earn less gold after the patch so this will greatly impact me, since this was my source of gold the past few months.

Patch 6.1 updated the Belf Character models, added the heirloom tab, added Blackrock Foundry and Darkmoon Faire races. All good things that I enjoyed.

3 out of 5 Phoenix