Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Rated BG (Spoiler - Tacky dies heaps)

Navimie's Rated Battleground! I was there, so was Arashikage, Azadelta, Jinjersnaps, Katrathar, Lushnek (HK), Navimie, Parmenien, Sevros, Shabadu. There was plenty of excitement and fun!

First game was 10-man version of Eye of the Storm. Half went to Fel Reaver Ruins, myself and the other half went to Blood Elf Tower and I capped the flag. The other team didn't know to cap and it was 30 seconds before they did.

Fel Reaver and Blood Elf Tower were taken by the alliance and our last stand was at Blood Elf Tower. We got the flag back just before the Alliance won

Then we tried again. We got The Battle for Gilneas. Held Lighthouse for a little, but eventually 3 capped and lost quickly.

Then the third match. Twin Peaks. It was a tight game. Navimie had be on defence while She and Jinjer healed Offensive. We were 2 points to 2. Each of us had the flag in the flag room. Jinjer and I ready to heal HK! It was neck and neck and the time was running out...

And the Alliance Warrior Flag Carrier was fully healed just before dieing the attack on their flag failed! And then time ran out! So close!

After match 3 I had to go. Lucky Gutsy was there to take my spot as heals.


  1. So did u like your taste of rated PvP? :D

    1. It went better than I expected on that third game! Very enjoyable!