Wednesday, 11 July 2012

McTacky's First Blood

Once upon a time (January 2007) McTacky was created with the intention of never getting any Honorable Kills. Unlike my previous Toon, Atain, who at one time was in a PvP Guild (Nun Chuck Norris), McTacky would only deal with PvE and gain zero kills.

There were times I was grouped with High Warlord Aoitora and he'd run off charging into action, making me have a split second to leave the group otherwise get that one Honourable Kill. After the flagged alliance in Shadowmoon Valley were just skeletons, Tora would apologise about the close call as he casually reapplied some poison to his daggers under the nether burnt sky. For him the only good Flagged Alliance were Dead Flagged Alliance.

Almost to the end of the Burning Crusade Expansion I had maintained that zero kills rating. I even ignored the 2008 Spirit of Competition event and missed out on a [Gold Medallion].

Then in October Achievements were added! Those first few days I went in a rampage grabbing all the achievements I could. Eventually I got around to [Old Ironjaw]. [Old Ironjaw] is a fish that can only be caught in Ironforge in the Forlorn Cavern.

For several hours I fished. Always hoping the next cast would be the last one. Occasionally attacked and camped since I didn't fight back. I'd log over over to Alliance and ask them politely to stop and they kindly did. To this day I don't mess with Alliance just trying to Fish in Orgrimmar.

Be nice!

It was the second day of my fishing marathon, that faithful day 17th October 2008. One of one of my Animosity guildies asked why I was in Ironforge. I explained about the [Old Ironjaw] achievement and he decided to come visit me in Ironforge. I also mentioned I was not attacking anyone because I wanted to keep zero kills.

Not a moment after my old guildie reached me, we were ambushed by a Rogue. He turned and attacked him instinctively. The rogue lay dead and the achievement popped up. My old guildie felt really bad about what he had done, and felt like just quitting the game. I forgave him and I told him that I wouldn't tell anyone who did it, so his name is not mentioned in this post.

However Pandoria's Box was now opened at the same time as this new Achievement System just a week old, full of brand new achievements to achieve. PvP Achievements that involved my favourite world holiday events like  G.N.E.R.D. Rage. For me all possibilities were now open and I didn't have anything to hold me back. My First Kill may have not been on purpose, but it opened the door to activities and events that otherwise would have been locked away from me. I felt liberated. There would be no repeat of what happened with the Spirit of Competition!

Rumour is that the Spirit of Competition Event will be back at the same time as the Summer Olympics this year. If that is so, it will be time to right an injustice and claim my [Gold Medallion]!

Edit: No Spirit of Competition for 2012. :(
Edit2: No Spirit of Competition for 2014. :(


  1. I can't believe you lasted that long without a kill!! That should be an achievement in itself - I would never miss out on a pet or tabard for that kind of achievement :) LOL

    Notice how you are not blogging now? hehehe That sounded like a blogpost to me :)

    1. I actually got the pet on my Hunter, but inbetween transfering to Dath'Remar and today I've somehow lost his Medallion too!

      I guess I better change my heading to something more accurate!

  2. Awesome first post tacky! Remember Mctacky is awesome and hardcore!! =p cant wait for more! =)
    - Aza

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words Aza.

  3. I hope there is another Olympic thing this year!

    1. Maybe it will be a English Coogi!