Friday, 28 June 2013

Old Objectives are the New Objectives

It has been a while since I looked at my old objectives list. With my Pandaria Reps done I think it is time to check in.

Stuff to do:
● Get Holy Item Level to over 500 (495/500)
● Get Holy Spec Shield instead of Holy Spec Offhand
● Get all Darkmoon Mounts (1/2) (38/180 Tokens) - Swift Forrest Strider
● Get all Classic Raid Pet Drops (7/12)
● Get all Burning Crusade Raid Pet Drops (2/10)
● Get all Argent Tournament Mounts (1/10)
● Do [The Longest Day] Achievement
Get all Raid  Reps: (0/3)
● Hydraxian Waterlords
● Avengers of Hyjal
● Shado-Pan Assault
Get all the JC recipes:
● 12 Burning Crusade Recipes - 1 Aldor, 6 Sunwell, 4 World Drop, 1 Dungeon Drop
● 14 Wrath of the Lich King - 14 Vendor (56 Wrath Tokens)
● 65 Cataclysm - 2 World Drop; 63 Vendor (209 Cata Tokens)
- 28 Rares = 84 Tokens; 11 Epics = 44 Tokens; 3 Meta = 12 Tokens; 9 Rings/Necks = 45 Tokens; 12 Chimera Eye Recipes = 24 Tokens
● 2 Pandaria Recipes - (from Serpent's Heart or Ancient Guo-Lai Cache).

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sunreavers Onslaught Exalted

Are those actual Mogu or statues of Mogu?
63rd Exalted Faction is the Sunreaver Onslaught
Once again I am exalted with the Sunreavers. Clearly they had forgotten all I had done for them in Icecrown. I've been very slow with this rep faction, I started with them on March 6. I did all their story quests, but only did the dallies after I'd finished with the other daily factions.

The Black Prince faction hit exalted while on these dallies and is the 63rd Exalted Faction, but I missed that screenshot. More on The Black Prince later.
First arrival at the island.
Another Sneaking Mission and the drama.
Pic from clearing the dailies on the last and the first day. (Soultouched is actually Disconcur who got back the name Disconcur on Saurfang)

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Dath'Remar to Saurfang!

"Here Stands the Shrine of Dath'Remar, a fitting tribute to a noble elf. Let all who gaze on this monument remember his sacrifice against the Scourge and his dedication to the cause of our continued survival. All who prosper in Quel'Thalas do so thanks to him."
My guild Frostwolves just moved server from Dath'Remar to Saurfang. I thought we should have a group pic at the Shrine of Dath'Remar before we left.

Friday, 21 June 2013

Frostwolves World Safari

Navi, Luxy and I all caught our Qiraji Guardlings! Luxy even found me a rare one! Aces!
But Zwingli and Cymre were too late to catch one. *sadface*
So at long last my epic journey for World Safari is over! So many memories. So much camping. I don't know what to feel after all this time. Something big has just ended.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

The Qiraji Guardling Wait

At June 21 at 5:04 AM is the Summer Solstice.
So hopefully at long last the Qiraji Guardling will appear!
Lets see and hope!

Edit: IT WAS!

Monday, 17 June 2013


Unlike some people Atain wasn't going to let those bullies take Gamon in! Beside those guards were no match for these two!
But by the time McTacky was on the scene Gamon and Atain were gone!
Yet the guards were still standing in a circle. Stunned.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Dominance Offensive Exalted

62nd Exalted Faction is The Dominance Offensive!
There is so much about this faction and it's quests. The daily quests themselves weren't too bad but the highlights were the story quests.

Have a bunch of screenshots of some of the highlights! If you haven't done the chain, skip this one. This will have spoilers.

Battle over Dalaran! Sad seeing the JC Shop empty, but at least got to evacuate some Horde NPCs.
Working with Blood Elves in Kun-Lai Summit! The quest bugged out for me and I had 2 rangers.
Infiltrating Darnassus. Had to be extra cautious with this one. Felt like a real Rogue!
Sigh. You are just so annoying Garrosh. First the Sha-Touched Grunts in the Vale. Then your drama over that bell. 
 Meeting Thrall in Valley of Trials was cool. The sort of thing Atain would have really enjoyed.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

August Celestials Exalted

Arrgh! Don't blink!
61st Exalted Faction is the August Celestials.
This faction did not take me long at all. Most of the rep was obtained from After getting a heap of Stolen Celestial Insignia after killing several Zandalri Warbringers with Navimie, Luxypie and HK. I grabbed the Grand Commendation of the August Celestials, and after a few days of dallies I exalted.
This was the last of the reputations required for Pandaren Ambassador so I got my Pandaren Kite String.
Next up: The Dominance Offensive

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Team Rocket Transmog!

Our evil Team Rocket Transmog! Luxygaga as Jesse. McTacky as James. Navimie as Meowth.
Also appearing are Navi's K'iriLuxypie's Hello Kitty and my Pikachu.
Prepare for trouble!
 And make it double!
 To protect the world from cataclysm!
 To unite the Horde under our feudalism!
 To denounce the evils of ninjas & spam!
 To extend our reach to even the outland!
 Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!
 Surrender now, or be ready to fight!
 Navi! That's right!
Tacky's Transmog Pieces:
Original Pic without Photoshopped Navi:

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Just McTacky - The Return

Whoa, that’s a Fel Iron Deposit!
DOUBLE Fel Iron Deposit, Anar'alah belore!
It’s a double Fel Iron Deposit all the way. Whoa, that’s so intense!
Whoa! Man! Wow! Anar! alah! belore! Anar'alah belore! Look at that!
It’s starting to look like a triple Fel Iron Deposit. Anar'alah belore, its full on.
Double Fel Iron Deposit all the way across in the outland!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

All About Atain - Sunset

Throm-Ka! First Sergeant Atain here riding off into the sunset.
It's not over for me. Fear not I know I am still needed time to time. McTacky is useless with Blacksmithing and he likes his nice armours kept up to spec and needs my aid in creating Weapons of Legend.
So zil'nok all. Zil'nok!

Monday, 10 June 2013

All About Atain - All About McTacky

Throm-Ka! First Sergeant Atain here with some newbie called McTacky while inspecting Quel'Thalas. There are doubts about their capabilities within the horde. Tacky here and and his two friends are in the guild Endless Suffering. They will be accompanying me across the elf kingdom.

I do not know why I am here, I should be off at the Dark Portal heading to my homeland of Draenor!

But before I realised it, McTacky was in Outland before I was. He was in my guild. He took my job. Since then not much has happened to Atain, Son of Sicity. I've played second fiddle to McTacky ever since.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

All About Atain - At World's End

Throm-Ka! First Sergeant Atain here at World's End. I found it while exploring along the coastline. Sometimes thrust for knowledge can take you too far. I know that now. The world isn't white or black. It is #75B3EC. Almost Skyblue.

It is a lonely place as I looked out to the west at the ocean.

Both water and land seemed to be in a paradox. Existing and not existing at the same time.

The black twisting nether in front of me however goes on forever. A straight cut across reality.

"Stay in this place. I'll take over from here," said McTacky.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

All About Atain - Explorer

Throm-Ka! First Sergeant Atain here. My notoriety other than being a 'tank' is being knowledgeable about the World of Azeroth. Much of it stems from my time in the guilds Legion of Olympus and Animosity. New recruits to the Horde would ask questions I and I would see out answers.
There was a time people in the guild would ask me instead of the gnomish RoBot called Thott when they had no clue how to proceed. You want Wool Cloth? Go hit up humanoids in Thousand Needles. You wish to catch Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish? Go on a Fishing Trip over to Sun Rock Retreat.
And sometimes you just find someone standing up in a tree because of a silly haiku.
"By learning, you will teach; by teaching you will learn" goes the proverb. And I learned much. Places where a young heros could go on quests and the detail of each of these quests. The ins and outs of all the dangerous dungeons where evil dwells. The stories behind the events that shape our lives. To fill in every blank spot on the map. If I didn't know something, Atain, Son of Sicity would go and find it out.
But then one day my thirst of knowledge went too far.
That day I found myself at World's End.