Monday, 23 June 2014

McTacky Saves The Midsummer Fire Festival (Part 1 of 2)

It was late and Master Blood Knight Aloysius McTacky was celebrating late into the night at the crowded Silvermoon Inn.

"Don't you have a day job, Blood Knight?" asked the Bartender.

"Lay off! It is the Midsummer Festival! It is our Holiday! Lunar Festival is all Moon, all Night Elf. Midsummer is all Sun, all High Elf. Ehhh, Blood Elf too!" insisted McTacky, deep into his drinks.

"What exactly is your job anyway?" asked the Bartender, "I've never heard you ever do any actual work since we reclaimed the Sunwell."

"Hey now! With the Sunwell's rebirth, us Blood Knights have chosen to embrace it and to forge for ourselves a new identity as they lead our people into a more promising future," said McTacky.

"A future where you don't do any work," said the Bartender.

"I happen to be one of the predaceous few to hold the rank of I am one of the Master Blood Knight. We have loads of responsibilities," said McTacky.

"Name one," said the Bartender.

"I hand out quests to Initiates," said McTacky.

"Whoa... slow down there. That sounds like too much excitement," said the Bartender.

"Pour me another drink," insisted McTacky

"During the Pandaria campaign I guarded members of the Reliquary..." said McTacky.

"Ohh! Did you meet the archaeologist Cymre Jones?" asked the Bartender, pouring McTacky another drink.

"Yes I did. But it is Coolidge the Blood Knight who is with her," said McTacky.

"So basically you watch other people do archaeology and tell Initiates to do their chores. Real hard work load," said the Bartender.

"I also have visions sometimes to save Seasonal Events," said McTacky.

"You hardly saved Love Is in the Air and the Lunar Festival," said the Bartender, "in fact I'd say you failed entirely at whatever you were attempting to do."

"I actually like the Midsummer Festival," said McTacky, finishing up his wine, "more!"

"You have had enough to drink," said the Bartender.

"I'll show you! I'll save the Midsummer Festival," said McTacky.

"The Midsummer FIRE Festival isn't at risk," said the Bartender.

"Huh?" asked McTacky.

"It is the Midsummer FIRE Festival! You kept missing the Fire part" insisted the Bartender, who McTacky couldn't remember the name of.

"Whatever," said McTacky, passing out.

Weird, more Déjà vu!

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Nat Pagle's Best Friend

Finished up fishing rare fish for Nat Pagle. So I obtained my [Nat's Hat] and [Nat's Fishing Chair].
Learning from the Best was my 201st achievement in the Professions Category.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Countdown to Warlords of Draenor (29 week update/24 weeks to go)

Finished off all the Cataclysm JC daily quests at long last. Finished off all the Archaeology Achieves and began gaining Nat Pagle's Friendship. Spent Valor to upgrade my healing set, epsiecally since you can upgrade items four times now.

Important Stuff to do:
● Get Holy Item Level to over 566 (558 561/566)
● Get Ret Item Level to over 553 (538 543/553)
● Proving Grounds: Proving Yourself: Gold Healer
● Proving Grounds: Proving Yourself: Gold Damage

Old Raid Stuff to do:
Glory of the Cataclysm Hero (27 28/28) Complete
Glory of the Cataclysm Raider (20/24)
● Get Shado-Pan Assault to Exalted (Honored Revered)
● Get all Burning Crusade Raid Pet Drops (5/10)

Misc Stuff to do:
Get all Pristine Archaeology (26 28/28) Complete
● Do [The Longest Day] Achievement
● Get all Argent Tournament Mounts (10 11/15) (500 Tokens)
● Nat Pagle Friendship to Best Friends (7 37/64 hand-ins done)

Jewelcrafting Recipe Collection:
● 6 Burning Crusade Recipes - 1 Aldor, 4 Sunwell, 1 Dungeon Drop
● 2 Cataclysm Recipes - 2 World Drop; 5 0 Vendor