Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Been a Month and a Half

It has been a Month and a Half since my last entry.

My hiatus began initially because of my minor cuts on my hands. This initial hiatus led me to realise that most of my content was about obtaining Achievement X. I had tried to make those posts informative by then explaining how I obtained that achievement. I'd mention my cool friends and some of their cool blogs. And only then in passing on how they helped me achieve an achievement.

My minor hiatus led me to realise I was just obtaining achievements every day to be able to post about them. I didn't have a healthy balance between blog and playing.

So I stopped posting all together.

Since Pandaria has been released, I've loved almost every moment. I have obtained many achievements and done many quests. Pet Battles are just so great! It is like the Pokémon MMO I've always wanted. Loved the two Pandarian Emissaries outside Brewfest giving the hint that they'll compete with the other breweries for Brewfest next year.

My next post? Well when I think up something to write I'll write it.
After Patch 4.0
Note: Just noticed looking at the list, I just noticed that Exëcute left the guild. That makes me sad!

Sunday, 2 September 2012


Didn't really play Warcraft tonight, beyond doing Amphitheatre of Anguish with someone.

A window dropped on me and got cuts on my right hand. The cuts were all shallow, I am all alright. Nothing serious at all. Just resting my hand at the moment.

Just glad it was shatter glass and not tempered.

Friday, 31 August 2012

The Reason I Started Playing World of Warcraft

I cannot express how important this image is to me.
The Pandaren are the reason I started playing World of Warcraft all those years ago.
Specifically Chen Stormstout from Warcraft 3. After playing the Orc Campaign in Frozen Throne, I heard about World of Warcraft. That you could place the races from World of Warcraft. I was pumped! I wanted to be a Pandaren.
I looked though my brother's game manual and found out two things. Undead were part of the horde (weird) and the Pandaren were no-where to be found. He pointed out that with MMOs they add things all the time, so they would probably be added later.

So I went and purchased my own copy of the game. Couldn't make a Half Ogre/Orc like Rexxar, so I made Atain, the Orc Warrior.
Then I got to the barrens some weeks later, I found a [Chen's Empty Keg]. On one end the keg was a small placard that said 'Chen Stormstout'!?!
The quest said to find someone who wanted the keg! Would I finally meet Chen? I rush to Crossroads and ask where to take the Empty Keg, and eventually I was told to take it to the Brew Master in Ratchet. Then I asked where Ratchet was. I am eventually given the correct directions and I journey down the road. Full of anticipation!
The Brewmaster turned out to be an Orc called Drohn! I was so disappointed!
Drohn then mentioned that Chen hadn't been seen or heard from in 'a kodo's age'. Chen was long gone.
Year later BC was announced and it was revealed the Blood Elves would join the Horde. Uh, fine. But who was the Alliance Race? It was being kept a secret. It had to be the Pandaren! Nope! It turned out to be the Draenei.
I purchased the Pandaren Monk (a pet) during Wrath of the Lich King. A worgen pet glitch was 'removed' because Blizzard didn't want Hunters being able to control a unit that looked like a Playable Character. My heart sunk. That meant no Pandaren ever since it was already a pet.
Yeah in retrospect it was more a combat pet thing to remove confusion in PvP, not being a pet in general.
When Mists of Pandaria was announced, I was pumped. Now there are Pandarien IN THE GAME FOR REAL. WOOTS.
*McTacky recomposes himself
It is all very splendid.

Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Faceroller

Today Exëcute organised a run for Azadelta, himself and I went to go into Trial of the Champion again to get our last achievement there. When the second boss appeared it wasn't Argent Confessor Paletress, instead it was Eadric the Pure! This was a good sign.
Our plan: Without inflicting any dots, lower Eadric's health really low. At that point I would have to Cleanse Hammer of Justice from either Exëcute or Azadelta so they could throw his Hammer of the Righteous back at him for a killing blow.

The first problem was that Exëcute's attacks would cause bleeds on Eadric. That meant that he could not help in damaging down the boss.
The next problem was that to cleanse Hammer of Justice I would have to be in holy spec so I wouldn't be any help with damage either.
That left Azadelta solo attacking Eadric. Since I was holy I could heal Aza no problem. Eadric's health got low real fast and Aza just stopped attacking.
It was now my turn.
All I had to do was cast cleanse on someone with the Hammer of Justice. Without decursive I would have to manually do it.
The first debuff appears! I quickly cleanse Exë! However it turned out to be Radiance because Exë was looking at Eadric when he cast Radiance, not Hammer of Justice!
Then Aza get the real debuff! However Cleanse now has a 8 second cooldown so I couldn't so anything so the first Hammer of Righteous hits Aza.
But everything is okay. Eadric still has low heath and we just have to wait for the next Hammer of Justice.
The second Hammer of Justice hits! And I cleanse the wrong person! 8 second cooldown. Grrr... McTacky... FOCUS! All I have to do is cleanse the right person when they got the right debuff. It was simple. No need to overthink this! I am not a Faceroller!
Exë gets hit a third time by Radiance. I almost cleanse him again, but I stay my hand.
Aza gets Hammer of Justice. I push down cleanse...
You only get a few seconds to throw the Hammer of Justice back at Eadric. I hold my breath.
The Hammer of Justice is returned to Eadric with a thud and he is defeated! All three of us got the achievement!

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Guild Ranking Changes

 Taken a moment before the shut down for 5.0.4

Taken after 5.0.4 and after the top 10 had logged in.
As you can see everyone's points have gone down. Edit: Oops, ignore that statement.

It also seems that the Guild list only lists achievements earnt by that Toon specifically (and some Meta earnt that way), not your account-wide total.

Total Values:
Navimie - 13540 (13560 -20!?)
Azadelta - 13125 (12595 +530)
Roshii - 12945 (12795 +150)
Souglyy - 12815 (12765 +50)
Mctacky - 12210 (12100 +110)
Ayelena - 11835 (11525 +310)
Sevros - 11795 (11430 +365)
Exëcute - 11445 (11295 +150)
Aioros - 11335 (11295 +40)
Faithless - 10755 (10595 +160)
Only Aza and Exë's spot changes, the rest stay the same. However Navi loses points with her grand total...Weird.

Installing Patch 5.0.4

So excited for tomorrow! It is going to be Aces!

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Toravon the Ice Watcher (25 player)

I was called Wintergrasp with  Navi by a whisper with the the newly free Warcraft Armory App. Three of us attacked the gates with tanks as Azadelta held off four players solo. Then we won!
Then it was time for Vault of the Ancients (25 Player). I went with Azadelta (Warlock), Roshii (Rogue) and Souglyy. None of us were tanks. Sougly, Roshii and Aza were dps. Switched to my Retribution spec to try to Ret Tank. Sougly switched to her  on Holy Pally Imwifhim to heal.

First Attempt: I tried to keep threat but the damage I was taking was too much and I was killed at 66%. Aza and Roshii tried all their cooldowns and agro resets but to no avail. Roshii however used Vanish on some of Toravon's trash so wasn't able to use it to reset agro.
Second Attempt: This time Souglyy and I both went heals. Aza and Roshii would then have to try their tricks to get this kill! I beaconed Aza, Soug beaconed Rosh. Then the battle was joined.
Aza had threat first and was using every trick he knew to avoid damage as Soug and I healed the clothie.
Roshii then took over threat as the heals shifted focus. At this point he was about at half health and all four of us was alive. I spent a lay of hands as did Soug. Then Roshii used his Vanish properly and Aza took over.
Down to 25% Aza hammered away keeping threat, but Aza was near death when Roshii had a second wind and grabbed threat back. This was it. We were out of tricks now. It was time to burn down Toravon!
It was down to the wire but we prevailed! Toravon was slain! Thanks for all the tremendous effort!

Monday, 27 August 2012

I've Had Worse

I went to Trial of the Champion Heroic with Exëcute, Songlala and Jinjersnaps (on Rustytaps). No Eadric the Pure for The Faceroller. But we still could do the last achieve I've Had Worse against the Black Knight.
I've Had Worse - The plan was simple. Nuke the first Ghoul. Then in Phase 2 AoE down all the other Ghouls to prevent them exploding. This time it worked and the Ghouls were all dead in time.
Then we just killed Black Knight and the Achievement popped up!

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Ulduar 25! (part 3) + 12k Achievement Points

There I am, 5th Spot
Made it to 12,000 Achievement Points today. I got it during Ulduar 25 Player. Even got Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player) while in there! 
Frostwolves:Myself and  Navimie both healing. DPS was Roshii (on Imwifher), Exray (on Àbaddon), Azadelta, Fallnapart and Xandra,
The Darkness Within: Dragonray (on Dragonelle), Farashkar, Mithraic
Other: Arvash from Shadow Rising on Drak'Tharon and Sausagê from Clarity on Frostmourn

I Choose You, Runemaster Molgeim (25 player) - When we attacked Assembly of Iron, we killed the little ones then big one firstly. Leaving Runemaster Molgeim for last.

Rubble and Roll (25 player) - During the Kologarn fight, we avoiding attacking the body at all and just killed the arms 5 times to spawn the adds. After that the body barely had any HP left.

We then killed the four Keepers of Ulduar as normal. Freya killed the 'lazy' way as Azadelta put it (Hard Mode). He said it was lazy because it meant we didn't have to kill her three Ancients.

Not-So-Friendly Fire (25 player) - Didn't manage to get this one during Mimiron. However we did get Firefighter (25 player) for those that needed it by killing Mimiron with hardmode.

I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning (25 player) - Killing General Vezax and the Saronite Animus only took one attempt. We let 6 Saronite Crystals spawn without hurting them. That caused Saronite Animus to appear. We killed Saronite Animus then took down General Vezax.
During Yogg-Saron, I got to take a portal. Now I am 2/3 of the way into In His House He Waits Dreaming (25 player)

Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare (25 player) - Arvash, Sausagê, Exray and Navimie stayed behind after Yogg-Saron to work on this one. It two enrages to get all 25 Dark Rune Guardian Dwarves to be killed by Razorscale. Thanks heaps for hanging around to help me get this!

Later on I checked my mail to find a letter from Bran Bronzebeard. Inside was my Reins of the Ironbound Proto-Drake! My 126th Mount on McTacky.

Saturday, 25 August 2012

Long Road to Shadowmourne... (Part 3)

Yesterday I completed my list of things to collect for The Sacred and the Corrupt. However I zone into ICC and I can't hand in to Highlord Darion Mograine. Yet there is a yellow question mark on the minimap at this spot! I start freaking out

Why you not want my items I collected Highlord?

I even /console reloadui and got no where. Then I decide to read the quest again. Not reading this quest in particular had messed me up in the past.

Place Light's Vengeance, 25 Primordial Saronite, Rotface's Acidic Blood, and Festergut's Acidic Blood in Highlord Mograine's runeforge in Icecrown Citadel.

So I looked around and found the runeforge.

Then Shadow's Edge was mine!

What do you mean I can't transmog my axe to look like this!? Shadow's Edge is an Epic, not a Legendary!

The next quest was A Feast of Souls. I had to kill 50 mobs inside ICC with Shadow's Edge (or as I found out, just hit them once with Shadow's Edge then kill them with my normal weapon).

So I changed the raid difficulty to 10 man and started killing some trash. And dying. A lot. After two hours I had killed 50 and died 19 times. But I had that second quest complete!

Now on Unholy Infusion. To attack Putricide while controling the abomination and doing something.

Friday, 24 August 2012

Long Road to Shadowmourne... (Part 2)

Today spent what JP and honor I had on all my alt:

[Light's Vengeance] 1/1
[Festergut's Acidic Blood] 1/1
[Rotface's Acidic Blood] 1/1
[Primordial Saronite] 4/25 16/25

9 [Primordial Saronite] = 2034 JP or 3375 Honor
So I am now getting close!

OMG Roshii just gave me the last 9 [Primordial Saronite]! Thanks Roshii!

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Long Road to Shadowmourne...

Today spent what JP and honor I had on [Primordial Saronite] and managed to buy four of them. Need 25 in total for the quest.

[Light's Vengeance] 1/1
[Festergut's Acidic Blood] 1/1
[Rotface's Acidic Blood] 1/1
[Primordial Saronite] 4/25

5586 JP left to get
Or 8625 Honor to get 5750 JP
Or will rolls on [Primordial Saronite] in Icecrown 25

At the moment getting 8625 Honor is much faster than getting 5750 JP I think.

However next week after the patch, everything changes.

Everything that currently awards VP will award JP instead.
Everything that currently awards Conquest will award Honor instead.

So that'll throws out the existing ratio.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Alliance Argent Tournament Pets Get!

A low level toon last week was asking in Trade to exchange Alliance Argent Tournament Pets for Horde Argent Tournament Pets.

Since I'd saved up some Argent Tournament Tokens towards a mount I decided to go for it, and now I have all of the Argent Tournament  pets! Yay!

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Things to do before September 25th (4 Weeks in)

It has been four weeks since the date for Mists of Pandaria was announced. How has my progress on my list gone?

Stuff Done:
Glory of the Raider (10 player) (7/16) (15/16 on 27/07/12) Done 9/08/2012

Stuff Left to Do:
Glory of the Ulduar Raider (25 player) (10/13) (11/13 on 13/08) Done 26/08/2012
● Get all Alliance Argent Tournament Pets (3/6) (5/6 on 20/08) (1x40 Tokens)
● Get all Darkmoon Mounts (1/2) (180 Tokens)

Not Enough Time for:
● Get all Argent Tournament Mounts (5/14) - Traded with an Alliance for Pets instead of working on this.
● Get all Dungeons Reps (2/4) - Made more Progress in MC
● Get all the JC recipies: (got 7 recipies in the past 2 weeks)
12 Burning Crusade Recipies - 1 Aldor, 6 Sunwell, 4 World Drop, 1 Dungeon Drop
21 18 Wrath of the Lich King - 21 18 Recipies from Dailies (84 72 Wrath Tokens)
72 68 Cataclysm - 18 15 Epic left = 72 60 Tokens; 29 Rares = 87 Tokens; 3 Meta = 12 Tokens; 9 Rings/Necks = 45 Tokens; 12 Chimera Eye Recipies = 24 Tokens. Total Cata Tokens = 242 230

Light's Vengeance

[Light's Vengeance] really was something I should have known about for a long time.

It was just an item on my list of things to get during the quest The Sacred and the Corrupt.

The game even went out of it's way to tell me where to go. I had always assumed it was a bug when I looked at the map since Icecrown Citadel wasn't at that big #1 on the map.

But had I bothered to scroll down the quest text I'd have realised that not all the items were expected to be collected inside ICC.
You must return to Frostmourne Cavern and recover [Light's Vengeance], Arthas' discarded hammer. Reforged with saronite and etched with the acidic blood of the Lich King's abominations, it will provide the foundation for our work

So now I finally know better so decide to go into that cave and find out the truth about [Light's Vengeance]I had come into Frostmourne Cavern before on MacTacky during the quest Frostmourne Cavern, so I thought I had done everything possible at this lore location. (place where Arthas abandons his hammer, takes up Frostmourne, Muradin dies and retconed alive).

I step into the cave and I enter a phased enviroment. The Onslaught mobs outside and the Revenant Elementals inside all disappear. Ahead of me appears something bathed with white light. I head to this beacon. As I reach the light I see that a hammer is inside it. It must be [Light's Vengeance]!

Oh Ice Snap! An ice trap. But I wasn't flagged... Then the Lich King shows up. I've only killed that bloke twice atop of his Icecrown Citadel, so I wasn't confident here. The Lich King hits away [Light's Vengeance] across the cave.

Lucky for me it was another of those time where the Lich King has be dead to rights, but he decides to outsource my doom. He summons an army of the dead along with Vegard the Unforgiven. Then the Lich King leaves, assuming his plan worked. Arthus, Ner'zhul, King of Lich, whatever. That is #125 on the Evil Overlord's List.

I fight though the army of Wretched Ghoul with annoying slowing ability that stacks 4 times to slow me down by 80%. All while in holy gear. With the army constantly respawning on top of me. So eventually I reach the hammer. So it is over, right?
No! Of course not. The hammer enters a ball of light and them Smites down the army.
And Vegard the Unforgiven too.
So... everything is dead now? Yes? I can take [Light's Vengeance] now?

Nope! Vegard the Unforgiven was still alive! Well undead. He was an undead pretending to be dead, but was actually just still undead.

Now with Vegard the Unforgiven dead again and no longer undead, I reach for my prize.

[Light's Vengeance] was mine, no tricks, no illusions.

Now to spend 6650 JP on 25x[Primordial Saronite] to move on with this quest I've had for so long.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Nokturn's Return

Pal of mine, Nokturn, returned to the game upon seeing that Mists of Pandaria Cinematic Trailer.

Here is a pic of us with Karbuncle during Hallow's End 2005 in Gnomeregan dressed as Gnomes!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

The Forge of Souls

I went into The Forge of Souls with Exëcute, Delehrium (Jinjersnaps), Torturedsoul. Jinx from Boulderfist server.

First up Soul Power. Exëcute moved the boss around while the rest of us slowed down the Soul Fragments. Exëcute dragged away Bronjahm outside the room when four were up, we did damage and he teleported to centre for last phase. We DPSed down Bronjahm before the Soul Fragments got back into the room.

Secondly was Three Faced. We had DPS just go all out. Only had to interupt Phantom Blast once before Devourer of Souls died. I was ready to do the second interupt however, with Exëcute having done the first.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Some Dragon Slaying!

Ayelena and I needed Less Is More (25 Player). The problem was that we need to kill the 3 Dragons, which meant that no mount would drop off Sartharion.

However our Guildies are Awesome! Aioros, Azalpha, Exëcute, Poldra, Delehrium (Jinjersnaps). Exëcute brought along Torturedsoul. Navimie said she'd come, but before I could reply she went off and joined a PvP thing.

So we killed that instance and no mount dropped of course.

We'd move on to Malygos 25 for Achieves for the others (Speed Kill, Less than 23 people, kill people while on platform).

Then Onyxia 25 but failed to get any Achieves there (sorry I was the one to stand in the deep breath).

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Theramore Isle: Recon

I had to go there. There to Theramore Isle, home of Lady Jaina Proudmoore for reconnaissance. Unlike Prince Kael'thas, McTacky would get the job done Uh.. get the reconnaissance done...

1800 hrs, I approch Theramore Isle from he sea. Proundmoore's tower dominates the skyline. The extensive docks with ships

 But First McTacky needed a disguise.

Excellent! This will fool everybody!
The only problem is my glowing green eyes. I know, I'll wear my [Ruby Shades] to avoid being the centre of attention.

1824 Hrs: observing the coming and going of the ships. Regular supply runs come from the water bogged Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands. Removing this supply line from the East will be crucial. Who is behind this increase of traffic? General Twinbraid, my old enemy from Bael'dun Keep? Captain Garran Vimes & Commander Samaul of the Menethil Harbor Watch? Lady Jaina Proudmoore herself? More infomation must be gathered!

1849 Hrs: Observed various training ground around the Barracks. The solders are gearing up for a conflict. Sense large amounts of magic being used, so temping to drain, must keep cool head otherwise discovered as a Blood Elf instead of a High Elf. The source of this light magic in a field filled with mere warriors must be investigated.

1907 Hrs: Took a closer look training grounds. Priests and Medics are in attendance. This allows the solders to train beyond normal limits. Leaves bad taste in my mouth, the brutality of it all. Captain Garran Vimes and Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen will go to any lengths to produce a stronger man, even twisting the laws of nature.

 2014 Hrs: The Machines of war located. All situated at the West gate. The gate facing the road leading directly into the barrens. The road built by the late Butcher of Taurajo himself, General Hawthorne! The pieces all fit together. The intent is clear. Taurajo was in the way of their grand road, and they intend to invade Mulgore itself, into the heart of the Tauren Grasslands! First Bloodhoof Village would fall, then Thunder Bluff! The Warchief must be informed of their plans!