Sunday, 15 July 2012

Some Battlegrounds

First a easy PvP Achivement. Back Door Job. Jumped off airship in Isle of Conquest into enermy base. Won the game too.

Then it was off into Wintergrasp for another win. Only need 85 more wins for that achieve.

Then several people in Frostwolves started going to some battlegrounds and I joined for 2 of the battles. Navime, Gutsy, Lushnek (HK), Sevros, Shabadu, Exëcute. Arvash was there too, but he got stuck in a seperate BG alone.

In the first battle, Arathi Basin, I just followed Exëcute as heal as usual. His cap, wait for turnover then run stratergy in full display. Died in the inital assault on Stables, died a second time trying to retake farm, then a third death near the end of the the match while defending Stables. After losing Stables, Exëcute and I stayed at BS. There was no futher drama and we won in the end.

The second battleground was Battle for Gilneas. I followed Exëcute to the waterworks. I highly underestimated Exëcute. There was six alliance and two of us. Exëcute pointed out the object was to prevent them getting the flag. I stayed back and heal him up as Exëcute fought them off. Finally when  Shabadu came to help, the alliance were all dead, Waterworks was taken from the greater numbers. Exëcute showed me his true skill today.

With the rest of the guildies in the BG zerging lighthouse, we had all three flags and won in short time.  I got Newbs to Plowshares and Battle for Gilneas Perfection.


  1. Grats on achieves! Gotta love getting 'em right Tacky? :D

  2. Ugh, my AB was so painful, I wish I had not accepted it and gotten into Gilneas instead with you guys. Grats on those two achievees, I'm so jealous! =P

    1. I'm sure we'll get them again next Frostwolves PVP Monday!