Saturday, 21 July 2012

Atain's First Blood

I spoke about McTacky's First PvP Kill but I think I will talk about my very first PvP kill ever.

Before achievements. Before the Honor/Dishonor system. Before the game tracked PvP kills. May 2005.

I was leveling and arrived at 1000 Needles with Gildawg (Shaman). We were both level 35 and off to Freewind Post.

After we stepped off the lift we headed down the road. Then we ran into two alliance. It wasn't the first Alliance I'd even seen, but they were the first flagged alliance I'd seen. They were about the same level as us.

Gildawg attacked and flagged himself and was beat down by the two. I waited for him to get back before we launched our counter attack.

Gildawg took on the druid and I tool on the warrior. Somehow the warrior and I ended up on the lift while Gildawg and the Alliance druid fought down on the ground.

What do you mean Atain is wearing Dungeon Set 1 and the Dwarf is wearing Tier 9 (Paladin) and the screenshot is at Stonetalon Mountains? How dare you doubt the authenticity of this image!
Up and down the lift we fought. Sometimes I'd get healled by Gildawg when the lift was down. The alliance warrior didn't seem to be getting as much heals as I was.

Then with an Execute, the Alliance Warrior died!

... you aren't even trying to make this look accurate now, are you?

I rode the lift down for the last time and found that Gildawg had finished off the druids and we carried on towards Freewind Post.

We didn't take the lift up to Freewind Post. We took the ramp.

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