Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Trial of the Crusader (10 Player)

Joined a TOC10 Pug advertised in Trade Chat. It was for a transmog run, not achievement run, but still managed to pick up these two achievements. There were seven of us in this run.

Not One, But Two Jormungars (10 player) - The two were killed fast and evenly. No problems here.

Upper Back Pain (10 player) - Unlike the 25 Player version of this, we only had to keep two Snobolds alive until Icehowl died. I had problems healing since for this whole section I had a Snobold Vassal on my back and it was interupting my heals. My solution was to use the faster and instant heal spells to avoid being interupted.

Already had Salt and Pepper (10 player), but would have earnt that if that hadn't been the case.

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  1. Grats Tacky on those achieves! I need to work hard to stay ahead of you I think!