Friday, 17 August 2012

Some Dragon Slaying!

Ayelena and I needed Less Is More (25 Player). The problem was that we need to kill the 3 Dragons, which meant that no mount would drop off Sartharion.

However our Guildies are Awesome! Aioros, Azalpha, Exëcute, Poldra, Delehrium (Jinjersnaps). Exëcute brought along Torturedsoul. Navimie said she'd come, but before I could reply she went off and joined a PvP thing.

So we killed that instance and no mount dropped of course.

We'd move on to Malygos 25 for Achieves for the others (Speed Kill, Less than 23 people, kill people while on platform).

Then Onyxia 25 but failed to get any Achieves there (sorry I was the one to stand in the deep breath).


  1. I figured I could sneak in a quick Less is More while I waited for Shab to get out. Glad to see you didn't need me!

    1. Yeah, it turned out all okay single healing it.