Thursday, 9 August 2012

Glory to the Raider (10 player)

Navimie, Sevros, Azalpha, HK (on an alt) and Myself went into Nax (10) to do the The Arachnid Quarter, to get me the Achievement I needed for the meta!

Azalpha told everyone not to AoE for the fight with Grand Widow Faerlina like last time and I got the achievement with no problem!

Momma Said Knock You Out (10 player) and Glory of the Raider (10 player)! Woot!

Thanks Navimie, Sevros, Azalpha and HK!


  1. Grats Tacky! I think I need three more cheeves for the 10 man version of Glory of the Raider and just Shocking! for the 25 man version.

    1. Shocking was a pain to get! Just had to do it with a few melee as possible.