Tuesday, 14 August 2012

The Three Blood Elves

The day Burning Crusade launched, the rest of the guild were busy getting to Hellfire Peninsula, the three of us made Blood Elves to get to 70. We were Aimlessly, Palanthius and McTacky!

The three of us had different approaches to leveling. Palanthius tended to grind mobs, Aimlessly would do a quest in one area but move on as soon as the quests turned green. Myself, I would do all the quests.

That is after I was done in Ghostlands, I did all the other starting zones (Mulgore, Durotar and Tirisfal Glades) before moving on to the next Tier (The Barrens/Silverpine) ect. There were no tracking achievements back then so I'd just move on when I could find no more quests.

We did meet up again in Arathi Highlands. I was on the quest Summoning the Princess and I needed help against Myzrael and they both came up to assist.

Palanthius seems to still play and is 85 and in a guild still on Khadgar. Aimlessly doesn't seem to play anymore and is level 70. She however has achievement points so at least logged on at the end of Burning Crusade when Achievements were added.