Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Faceroller

Today Exëcute organised a run for Azadelta, himself and I went to go into Trial of the Champion again to get our last achievement there. When the second boss appeared it wasn't Argent Confessor Paletress, instead it was Eadric the Pure! This was a good sign.
Our plan: Without inflicting any dots, lower Eadric's health really low. At that point I would have to Cleanse Hammer of Justice from either Exëcute or Azadelta so they could throw his Hammer of the Righteous back at him for a killing blow.

The first problem was that Exëcute's attacks would cause bleeds on Eadric. That meant that he could not help in damaging down the boss.
The next problem was that to cleanse Hammer of Justice I would have to be in holy spec so I wouldn't be any help with damage either.
That left Azadelta solo attacking Eadric. Since I was holy I could heal Aza no problem. Eadric's health got low real fast and Aza just stopped attacking.
It was now my turn.
All I had to do was cast cleanse on someone with the Hammer of Justice. Without decursive I would have to manually do it.
The first debuff appears! I quickly cleanse Exë! However it turned out to be Radiance because Exë was looking at Eadric when he cast Radiance, not Hammer of Justice!
Then Aza get the real debuff! However Cleanse now has a 8 second cooldown so I couldn't so anything so the first Hammer of Righteous hits Aza.
But everything is okay. Eadric still has low heath and we just have to wait for the next Hammer of Justice.
The second Hammer of Justice hits! And I cleanse the wrong person! 8 second cooldown. Grrr... McTacky... FOCUS! All I have to do is cleanse the right person when they got the right debuff. It was simple. No need to overthink this! I am not a Faceroller!
Exë gets hit a third time by Radiance. I almost cleanse him again, but I stay my hand.
Aza gets Hammer of Justice. I push down cleanse...
You only get a few seconds to throw the Hammer of Justice back at Eadric. I hold my breath.
The Hammer of Justice is returned to Eadric with a thud and he is defeated! All three of us got the achievement!

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