Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Light's Vengeance

[Light's Vengeance] really was something I should have known about for a long time.

It was just an item on my list of things to get during the quest The Sacred and the Corrupt.

The game even went out of it's way to tell me where to go. I had always assumed it was a bug when I looked at the map since Icecrown Citadel wasn't at that big #1 on the map.

But had I bothered to scroll down the quest text I'd have realised that not all the items were expected to be collected inside ICC.
You must return to Frostmourne Cavern and recover [Light's Vengeance], Arthas' discarded hammer. Reforged with saronite and etched with the acidic blood of the Lich King's abominations, it will provide the foundation for our work

So now I finally know better so decide to go into that cave and find out the truth about [Light's Vengeance]I had come into Frostmourne Cavern before on MacTacky during the quest Frostmourne Cavern, so I thought I had done everything possible at this lore location. (place where Arthas abandons his hammer, takes up Frostmourne, Muradin dies and retconed alive).

I step into the cave and I enter a phased enviroment. The Onslaught mobs outside and the Revenant Elementals inside all disappear. Ahead of me appears something bathed with white light. I head to this beacon. As I reach the light I see that a hammer is inside it. It must be [Light's Vengeance]!

Oh Ice Snap! An ice trap. But I wasn't flagged... Then the Lich King shows up. I've only killed that bloke twice atop of his Icecrown Citadel, so I wasn't confident here. The Lich King hits away [Light's Vengeance] across the cave.

Lucky for me it was another of those time where the Lich King has be dead to rights, but he decides to outsource my doom. He summons an army of the dead along with Vegard the Unforgiven. Then the Lich King leaves, assuming his plan worked. Arthus, Ner'zhul, King of Lich, whatever. That is #125 on the Evil Overlord's List.

I fight though the army of Wretched Ghoul with annoying slowing ability that stacks 4 times to slow me down by 80%. All while in holy gear. With the army constantly respawning on top of me. So eventually I reach the hammer. So it is over, right?
No! Of course not. The hammer enters a ball of light and them Smites down the army.
And Vegard the Unforgiven too.
So... everything is dead now? Yes? I can take [Light's Vengeance] now?

Nope! Vegard the Unforgiven was still alive! Well undead. He was an undead pretending to be dead, but was actually just still undead.

Now with Vegard the Unforgiven dead again and no longer undead, I reach for my prize.

[Light's Vengeance] was mine, no tricks, no illusions.

Now to spend 6650 JP on 25x[Primordial Saronite] to move on with this quest I've had for so long.

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