Thursday, 16 August 2012

Theramore Isle: Recon

I had to go there. There to Theramore Isle, home of Lady Jaina Proudmoore for reconnaissance. Unlike Prince Kael'thas, McTacky would get the job done Uh.. get the reconnaissance done...

1800 hrs, I approch Theramore Isle from he sea. Proundmoore's tower dominates the skyline. The extensive docks with ships

 But First McTacky needed a disguise.

Excellent! This will fool everybody!
The only problem is my glowing green eyes. I know, I'll wear my [Ruby Shades] to avoid being the centre of attention.

1824 Hrs: observing the coming and going of the ships. Regular supply runs come from the water bogged Menethil Harbor in the Wetlands. Removing this supply line from the East will be crucial. Who is behind this increase of traffic? General Twinbraid, my old enemy from Bael'dun Keep? Captain Garran Vimes & Commander Samaul of the Menethil Harbor Watch? Lady Jaina Proudmoore herself? More infomation must be gathered!

1849 Hrs: Observed various training ground around the Barracks. The solders are gearing up for a conflict. Sense large amounts of magic being used, so temping to drain, must keep cool head otherwise discovered as a Blood Elf instead of a High Elf. The source of this light magic in a field filled with mere warriors must be investigated.

1907 Hrs: Took a closer look training grounds. Priests and Medics are in attendance. This allows the solders to train beyond normal limits. Leaves bad taste in my mouth, the brutality of it all. Captain Garran Vimes and Doctor Gustaf VanHowzen will go to any lengths to produce a stronger man, even twisting the laws of nature.

 2014 Hrs: The Machines of war located. All situated at the West gate. The gate facing the road leading directly into the barrens. The road built by the late Butcher of Taurajo himself, General Hawthorne! The pieces all fit together. The intent is clear. Taurajo was in the way of their grand road, and they intend to invade Mulgore itself, into the heart of the Tauren Grasslands! First Bloodhoof Village would fall, then Thunder Bluff! The Warchief must be informed of their plans!

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