Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Toravon the Ice Watcher (25 player)

I was called Wintergrasp with  Navi by a whisper with the the newly free Warcraft Armory App. Three of us attacked the gates with tanks as Azadelta held off four players solo. Then we won!
Then it was time for Vault of the Ancients (25 Player). I went with Azadelta (Warlock), Roshii (Rogue) and Souglyy. None of us were tanks. Sougly, Roshii and Aza were dps. Switched to my Retribution spec to try to Ret Tank. Sougly switched to her  on Holy Pally Imwifhim to heal.

First Attempt: I tried to keep threat but the damage I was taking was too much and I was killed at 66%. Aza and Roshii tried all their cooldowns and agro resets but to no avail. Roshii however used Vanish on some of Toravon's trash so wasn't able to use it to reset agro.
Second Attempt: This time Souglyy and I both went heals. Aza and Roshii would then have to try their tricks to get this kill! I beaconed Aza, Soug beaconed Rosh. Then the battle was joined.
Aza had threat first and was using every trick he knew to avoid damage as Soug and I healed the clothie.
Roshii then took over threat as the heals shifted focus. At this point he was about at half health and all four of us was alive. I spent a lay of hands as did Soug. Then Roshii used his Vanish properly and Aza took over.
Down to 25% Aza hammered away keeping threat, but Aza was near death when Roshii had a second wind and grabbed threat back. This was it. We were out of tricks now. It was time to burn down Toravon!
It was down to the wire but we prevailed! Toravon was slain! Thanks for all the tremendous effort!

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