Saturday, 1 June 2013

All About Atain - An Officer and a Gentleorc

Throm-Ka! First Sergeant Atain here. On September 3rd 2005 Legion of Olympus merged it's members into the larger Raiding Guild: Animosity. Animosity was the oldest active guild on the US Server Khadgar having been in the first few days of World of Warcraft being released. It has a history.
The first thing I did as part of this guild was gear up. My Battlegear of Valor? Not cutting it. I needed armor with defensive and high armor properties..

Atain's Eras: Legion Of Olympus [Emerald Set], Animosity [Battlegear of Valor] and Animosity [Tank Set]  (before getting [Ornate Adamantium Breastplate])

The former guild leader of Legion of Olympus vanished right after the merge. So overnight I was an officer in Animosity with power over actual serious raiders. A leage above my small 20 man raiding parties.

The Guild had three main ranks. Member, Raid Leader and Officer. There were also class leaders but this was a position without a rank. May class leaders were Raid Leaders and Officers already. I, Atain, Son of Sicity, were the honorary 'Paladin Class Leader'. This was a time before the Blood Elves joined the Horde and the Sunwalkers were formed. I had knowledge of the Paladin unlike the other warriors.
My fellow officers were Deanna (Priest), Zuggu (Warrior), Soulust (Rogue), Dakamer (Priest), Praalos (Rogue), and later Archfienda (Rogue & Warlock), Amberdrake (Shaman) and Spookie (Priest). The Guild Leader was Banana (Warrior) and much later Archfienda (Rogue).
Being an Officer directly changed the way I did instances. To join a raid you had to sign up on the Guild Forum. Loot wasn't rolled, the Officers were a Loot Council who voted on who should get what item (and you weren't allowed to vote for yourself). You voted on who needed the loot more. Suddenly things were political.

I had to make choices. Did a mage with higher attendance but better gear get a small upgrade or a new mage with worse gear get a big upgrade? Who had to sit out? Who could join the guild? What was fair?
I was thrown into the deep end and had to adapt.

Animosity's Guild Bank
The largest problem was that the guild would raid at 10 am in the morning. It was very rare that I could attend raids. But Officers were guaranteed a spot in the raid if they turned up. Officers had so much power. I gave in to the temptation and stuck with them.
Over time I was the almost the only one left from Legion of Olympus in Animosity. So I went back to doing my Dungeon Raids organised from Orgrimmar's Looking for Group discussion at a more convenient time. I was back doing what I usually did. Wait in Orgrimmar to form a party of heros to attack Blackrock Spire or Stratholm or Scholomance or a number of other places where evil rest.
And I started to explore.


  1. The history of Atain!

    Remember when there were no guild banks?! One of the greatest additions ever.

    Things have really changed since Vanilla!

    1. Yeah that guild bank screenshot was taken during Burning Crusade, not classic. Back in classic Banana had an alt who would be the guild bank and many of the officers had the password to his account. Not very convenient.

  2. Oh I love those gifs! Guild banks, Mounts and pets in a tab and not in your bags, and keyrings... all these cool things that have evolved over time!

    1. The gifs were actually my old guild forum avatars!