Thursday, 13 June 2013

Team Rocket Transmog!

Our evil Team Rocket Transmog! Luxygaga as Jesse. McTacky as James. Navimie as Meowth.
Also appearing are Navi's K'iriLuxypie's Hello Kitty and my Pikachu.
Prepare for trouble!
 And make it double!
 To protect the world from cataclysm!
 To unite the Horde under our feudalism!
 To denounce the evils of ninjas & spam!
 To extend our reach to even the outland!
 Team Rocket, blast off at the speed of light!
 Surrender now, or be ready to fight!
 Navi! That's right!
Tacky's Transmog Pieces:
Original Pic without Photoshopped Navi:


  1. This is AMAZING! You have outdone yourself!

    Luxygaga is wearing White Swashbuckler's, Shirt Leggings of Brown Grass, Netherweave Boots, Netherweave Gloves.

  2. That's so cool, great work Tacky!! I wish I was a little more white! But that's the best white I can do as a kitty - meowttthhhhh!

    1. Added a photoshopped version with a white Navi and a Meowth coin on your forehead!