Wednesday, 5 June 2013

All About Atain - Explorer

Throm-Ka! First Sergeant Atain here. My notoriety other than being a 'tank' is being knowledgeable about the World of Azeroth. Much of it stems from my time in the guilds Legion of Olympus and Animosity. New recruits to the Horde would ask questions I and I would see out answers.
There was a time people in the guild would ask me instead of the gnomish RoBot called Thott when they had no clue how to proceed. You want Wool Cloth? Go hit up humanoids in Thousand Needles. You wish to catch Raw Bristle Whisker Catfish? Go on a Fishing Trip over to Sun Rock Retreat.
And sometimes you just find someone standing up in a tree because of a silly haiku.
"By learning, you will teach; by teaching you will learn" goes the proverb. And I learned much. Places where a young heros could go on quests and the detail of each of these quests. The ins and outs of all the dangerous dungeons where evil dwells. The stories behind the events that shape our lives. To fill in every blank spot on the map. If I didn't know something, Atain, Son of Sicity would go and find it out.
But then one day my thirst of knowledge went too far.
That day I found myself at World's End.

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  1. Awww, I remember Thottbot! I used to write co-ords down for stuff cause my computer was realllllllllly sucky back in vanilla. It didn't appreciate being asked to tab out, so if I knew what I was planning to do that day I would look it up befor elogging on!

    What's that weirdo doing in that tree!?