Sunday, 16 June 2013

Dominance Offensive Exalted

62nd Exalted Faction is The Dominance Offensive!
There is so much about this faction and it's quests. The daily quests themselves weren't too bad but the highlights were the story quests.

Have a bunch of screenshots of some of the highlights! If you haven't done the chain, skip this one. This will have spoilers.

Battle over Dalaran! Sad seeing the JC Shop empty, but at least got to evacuate some Horde NPCs.
Working with Blood Elves in Kun-Lai Summit! The quest bugged out for me and I had 2 rangers.
Infiltrating Darnassus. Had to be extra cautious with this one. Felt like a real Rogue!
Sigh. You are just so annoying Garrosh. First the Sha-Touched Grunts in the Vale. Then your drama over that bell. 
 Meeting Thrall in Valley of Trials was cool. The sort of thing Atain would have really enjoyed.

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