Thursday, 30 May 2013

All About Atain - 20 Man Tanking

Throm-Ka! First Sergeant Atain here. As I grew in power I set myself against a more dangerous foe. I would stand in Orgrimmar and find heroes to form a raiding party then together we would venture into Blackrock Spire. I'd use my [Seal of Ascension] and we'd enter the Upper reaches of the spire.

 In due time I only had to take 15 heros into Upper Blackrock Spire. In each trip I would lead the charge, protect the weak spel-lcasters, control the loot to protect it from thieves. We used the roll of dice to decide who obtained what item. A Warrior lived and died by their reputation. A tank known for being unfair with loot would find he could no longer assemble raiding parties.

The news of Hakkar the Soulflayer from Sunken Temple being resurrected by the Gurubashi in Zul'Gurub, Stranglethorn Vale. My old home. New raiding parties were formed and the Troll City attacked.

 This time something was different. Guilds. Guilds had control of the Raiding Parties now. Everything changed.


  1. Vanilla raiding was fun! Remember the dungeon set upgrade quest chain?!

    1. Lok'tar! I didn't get that far into the Dungeon Set 2 quest chain. The [Boots of Valor] would never drop so I couldn't proceed to the next step. I was wearing [Corpselight Greaves] for a very long time. Gar'mak!