Thursday, 27 June 2013

Sunreavers Onslaught Exalted

Are those actual Mogu or statues of Mogu?
63rd Exalted Faction is the Sunreaver Onslaught
Once again I am exalted with the Sunreavers. Clearly they had forgotten all I had done for them in Icecrown. I've been very slow with this rep faction, I started with them on March 6. I did all their story quests, but only did the dallies after I'd finished with the other daily factions.

The Black Prince faction hit exalted while on these dallies and is the 63rd Exalted Faction, but I missed that screenshot. More on The Black Prince later.
First arrival at the island.
Another Sneaking Mission and the drama.
Pic from clearing the dailies on the last and the first day. (Soultouched is actually Disconcur who got back the name Disconcur on Saurfang)


  1. That first pic is great! Idk where that is, you will have to show me some time!

    Gratz on your achievements!