Saturday, 18 May 2013

The Haiku Trap (Part 1)

Luxypie sent me this Haiku Mystery. The title of the mail was simply " :D " inside the message deepened.
a valley of farms,
Seventy five-twenty five
Faces await you

What could it mean? It meant I had to follow the clues!

To the Valley of Four Winds! Coords 75 by 25. The Thunderfoot Ranch!
The Horror!

Also there waiting was Luxypie on the Veluxia. As smug as the pigs around her.
Was this torture at an end? I wished so. But Luxypie wasn't done. I was given second 'Hai-clue' to follow!
What does it mean? And what evil will I find?

Next time: The Mystery of the Smuglet Tunnel!