Friday, 24 May 2013

The Haiku Trap (Part 3)

"Are you ready for another awesome hai-clue?! :D " asked Luxypie!
McTacky worn out looks up and sees the next clue.
For domination
Factions fight not just eachother
here in wilderness
Of course McTacky knew where to go. To the Battlescar between Desolation Hold and Fort Triumph in Southern Barrens!

No sight of Luxy. OR Smuglets. This has to be the wrong spot!
What was in the hai-clue again? Domination? Wilderness? That could mean perhaps Domination Point, Krasarang Wilds. So back to Pandaria McTacky travels. All the time looking over his shoulder. Imaging being watched. Smug faces everywhere.

 There was Luxypie on Luxygaga! But what was the twist? There was always a twist!
Luxy used [Rodent Crate] and Sumprush Rodents appeared everywhere! A pet McTacky didn't have!

After a quick battle, the rodent was caught under a trap. The Haiku Trap.
Not all haiclue come to a terrifying nightmare inducing end. Some have happy endings!

So that was the last hai-clue. After all that evil and smugness it was over. McTacky could at last rest... OR COULD HE?

Valhalla awaits? Be battle ready!?! Well that sounds ominous!


  1. Do you like Sumpy's face? Those eyes... he looks like he doesn't like what he is looking at.

    In the next installment, McTacky might die!

    1. Is this the end of McTacky? Find out next time in All about Atain! Uhh, I mean Just McTacky.

    2. All about Atain or Atain Alliterates!