Sunday, 26 May 2013

All About Atain

Throm-Ka! First Sergeant Atain here. Since going missing after receiving Luxypie's last haiku in the last post, Mister Aloysius McTacky is probably now off dead at shores long forgotten. So it falls to me, Atain, Son of Sicity of the Frostwolf Clan to take over.

I recently hit 90. Do not mistake this for lack of effort. I do things in my own time and give it my all. That is the sort of Orc I am. I do something for the sake of doing it, not to expect a reward.
My two pets: Gol'Gosh the Worg Pup and and Senegal the Parrot.
Senegal the Parrot was purchased in Booty Bay during my Gurubashi Arena world PVP era.

Unlike McTacky, I don't need to collect 475 unique pets! He doesn't even name his pets! Pets are companions you have a connection with, not status trophies! And you don't send them into that brutal and barbaric cockfight called 'pet battles'.


  1. Atain looks like an orc I wouldn't want to mess with.

    1. "Mok'ra Luxy, writer of the HaiClues! 546 collected pets? Lak'tuk! You are far worse than McTacky! I acknowledge at least you name your pets!" - Atain