Monday, 20 May 2013

The Haiku Trap (Part 2)

McTacky runs. Not only in terror or fear, but for a worse reason, Guilt and Shame. Those Smug judging faces everywhere. Where did it all go so wrong? McTacky remembers. It was that haiku from Luxypie!

 In kingdoms of east
A tunnel of terrible
Venture here if brave
If Brave? McTacky is brave! He will follow this hai-clue to it's end. Into former Lordaeron, into the Plaguelands to the place known as Terrorweb Tunnel. McTacky has been to Terrorweb Tunnel and there were only spiders there. What bravery is needed to face mere spiders?
Luxypie is waiting for him on Abyssica, giggling.
Before McTacky is a sea awash with Smug.
Those smug pig faces and spirally conceited tails. Terrorweb Tunnel for the first time ever was a true Terror. Forget bravery and embrace cowardice. There is no winning. He was caught in the Haiku Trap!

McTacky runs! Runs as faster than he ever thought he would. Faster than he should. Dashing though the tunnel. Foot after foot. The whole thing were Pigs!
What that a light at the end of the tunnel? Was this the end of this torture? No, it was Luxypie with another Hai-clue!
Next time, the odyssey continues!


  1. Look at all of those cute faces! Cute faces greeting you!

    1. If you gaze long into smugness, the smugness will gaze back into you.

    2. You might become smugness.

  2. Replies
    1. An Alliance turned up and Luxy was worried they would start attacking the little Smuglets.