Thursday, 20 March 2014

You can never be a Justicar!

One of the saddest days for McTacky was when patch 2.1 hit and the title of Justicar was Alliance Exclusive! What was the horde version? Conqueror. Bah. Never can be Justicar McTacky!

In back in the day Just McTacky was a term I used as my own secret pun. Just as in 'McTacky the Just' as well as merely McTacky.

I could theoretically get the title on my Alliance Alt, MacTacky, but I refuse to PVP on my Alliance Character. Plus it is an long grind to get The Justicar. And the title is not even account wide, it only can be used on the character that earned it, like many other PvP titles.

I did sour on the title in 2011. Terrorist/mass murder Anders Behring Breivik claims that he is a "Justicar Knight" which did sour this title for me of course and he mentioned playing World of Warcraft to relax in his manifest (recently he made news again because he went on a hunger strike for an PS3 in prison). Later I realised I can't let this terrible person change me like that!

Nowadays I have over 40 titles, achievement after achievement. But The Justicar will be the one thing I can never get.

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  1. Mactacky can be Justicar though! Personally, I always preferred Conqueror :D