Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Guild Drama?

I just can't complain enough about the Frostwolves!

I mean first of all they are always too friendly! They help me get mats for my Legendaries, they run old instances with my alts, get me hard raid achievements. They have to have a hidden agenda! No one is this kind and pleasant!

Then they take my low Heals Per Second into Flex raids and let me have loot. If they are foolish enough to let people like me raid, what are they really up to?

The lack of any drama ever is so suspicious. I'd say scandalous. Is there a coverup? Is it a conspiracy?

I don't have the answers, so I'll put up with these perfectly pleasant and delightful people for now and undercover the truth!

PS: I love you all!


  1. You freaked me out for a second! I'm like... WHAT DRAMA OMG WHO DO I HAVE TO HAVE THE TALK TO!!!!
    Grats btw! And big <3 even though I know you don't like that sort of thing.

    1. Thanks Navi. Sorry for the troll post! <3